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September 14, 2014


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A Chance Sisters Romance
Book One
Anne Gracie

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~Chosen as one of the best romances of 2013 by NPR and Library Journal~

From the beloved, award-winning Anne Gracie comes this brand-new series about four young women on the verge of destitution—until a daring act changes their fortune and transforms each of them into a glowing bride.  For fans of Mary Balogh, Julia Quinn, and Stephanie Laurens...

Governess Abigail Chantry will do anything to save her sister and two dearest friends from destitution, even if it means breaking into an empty mansion in the hope of finding something to sell. Instead of treasures, though, she finds the owner, Lady Beatrice Davenham, bedridden and neglected. Appalled, Abby rousts Lady Beatrice's predatory servants and—with Lady Beatrice's eager cooperation—the four young ladies become her “nieces,” neatly eliminating the threat of disaster for all concerned!

It's the perfect situation, until Lady Beatrice’s dashing and arrogant nephew, Max, Lord Davenham, returns from the Orient—and discovers an impostor running his household…

A romantic entanglement was never the plan for these stubborn, passionate opponents—but falling in love may be as inevitable as the falling of autumn leaves... *Mary Jo Putney
  • Series: A Chance Sisters Romance
  • Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley (February 5, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0425259250
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425259252
Anne Gracie
Award-winning author, Anne Gracie, spent her childhood and youth on the move, thanks to her dad's job, which took them around the world. The gypsy life taught her that humor & love are universal languages and that favorite books can take you home, wherever you are.

As well as writing, Anne teaches adult literacy, flings balls for her dog, keeps bees and enjoys reading, music, cooking and her tangled garden.

Anne also blogs regularly with the Word Wenches; Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Rice, Susan Fraser King, Nicola Cornick, Cara Elliot and Joanna Bourne. Visit them at

This book is a dearing slow pace story.
It will take a few chapters until the reader gets a good idea of what is going on.
The author wrote wonderful descriptions of the characters. We have Abigail, a governess who likes the ones she takes care of but can't stand her employers.
When Abigail and her younger sister were were young, they were orphaned and they haven't seen each other in years.  Abigail finds out that her sister is in a brothel.  She works at helping her sister and the other women escape.  They all try to live on their own, but it isn't working.  They are nearly starving.  Abigail has devised a plan to rob an old mansion.  Her sister has become ill and she doesn't know what else to do. There are doctor bills to pay. The author wrote the story with such details that you can imagine exactly what is going on.  As when Abigail climbs through the window of the mansion and what she discovers when she goes in.  Will Abigail be arrested for breaking and entering? Or will she devise a plan that will benefit all?
The author then introduces with a good amount of detail, Max, Lord Davenham who has come back to the mansion and isn't happy at what he discovers.
Will the author put in a romance for Abigail and Max, or will they be at odds over what has been taking place in the mansion?  Ms. Gracie makes thee characters so real you can feel thee struggles that the characters are going through.  Abigail with her sick sister and the other women to look after,  Max who she distrusts, the owner of the mansion and the feelings she has for Max.
I would suggest this book to anyone who likes a slow paced romance read.  

I received a complimentary copy of THE AUTUMN BRIDE from the author, Anne Gracie and Manic Readers for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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