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September 26, 2014

LUST by Diana Raab

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Diana Raab will be returning September 2 – 26 with her book of poetry, Lust!
Diana Raab
Lust 2
  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • Publisher: WordTech Communications (February 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1625490585
  • ISBN-13: 978-1625490582
 PUYB Inside the Book

A passionate journey through private emotional moments, Diana Raab's LUST voices the pain of loneliness and the heart's yearning for love while transcending the depths of human desire. In her fourth book of poetry, Raab employs narrative verse that is alive, titillating, and seductive. LUST examines the emotional and physical complexity of love, helping readers navigate the risks of intimacy as we move toward the realization that every experience enriches our lives, whether we perceive it as joy, pain, or out of the ordinary. Yet for all their psychological richness, the poems' simplicity and accessibility will resonate with women and men across all walks of life. LUST is a book you won't put down and won't soon forget. "Diana Raab's poetry collection, LUST, will make you fall head-over- heels in love with words. Words that are strung together, knotted like a perfect strand of opera length pearls. Some read like heartbreaking short stories. Some read like pieces of your soul. Some read like scented love-letters. Some like tearful, regretful voice messages. If you want to have a love affair with the written word, please, read this collection. It will make you a believer. Or maybe ... just maybe, it will make you a believer in the pure absolute beauty of Diana Raab."--Amy Ferris "In the lyric tradition of Song of Songs, Rumi, Lady Murasaki, and Anais Nin, poet Diana Raab sings of carnal desire. The themes of LUST, the transcendence of sexual ecstasy, the range of its expression, the sorrow of its temporality, they surprise of its renewal in maturity, the physicality of its intimacy, are, at once, timeless and as contemporary as Raab's short leather skirt and an espresso shared at Starbucks."--Tristine Rainer "Diana Raab in this daring book offers what shouldn't be so remarkable, yet is, a fearless detailing of intimacy, of blissful 'acts of kindness,' of that worshipful sexuality which forms our birth- and adult-right. LUST celebrates the sacred 'everlasting eros' that we must admit most interests us, the giving and taking, the ultimate bonding, the very enlightenment through glories of the body. She sings 'your oasis in the midst of me,' and bless her for it!"--Barry Spacks

 PUYB Meet the Author

Diana RaabDiana Raab, Ph.D. is an award-winning poet, memoirist, educator, transpersonal psychologist, and author of eight books, including four poetry collections and two memoirs, Regina’s Closet and Healing With Words. Her latest poetry collection, Lust, is available in softcover wherever books are sold and on Audible.
She is also editor of two anthologies, Writers and Their Notebooks and Writers on the Edge: 22 Writes Speak About Addiction and Dependency. She is advocate of writing for healing, transformation and empowerment and teaches workshop around the country. She also teaches memoir writing. She has been writing and publishing her work for more than 45 years.
She blogs for Psychology Today; The Huffington Post (Huff50) and BrainSpeak.
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 This wonderful book of poetry is steamy at times.  All of the poems are very well written with long and hard thoughts put in each one.  Sometimes people shy away from Poetry, thinking that they won't understand it, they won't get what the author is trying to come across.  In my opinion, Poetry is what the reader gets out of it.  Perhaps the author meant one thing, but the reader may not see it that way.  What's important to me is how I see the poem, what I get from the poem.  I think a lot of people are scared of the poetry.  Some people haven't been exposed to poetry so it is an unknown and we are leery of unknowns.
 The author wrote a variety of poems, some I would read once and later on, go back and re-read it.I myself liked this list of poems:


I liked others but these hit me with special meaning for me.What I got from these selected poems, others may not care for, but to me they held meaning, a little heartache and a timely smile.  You can read thee poems several times and they mean the same.  Later in your life you could go back and read them again and they mean something different to you.  Poetry holds beauty and power.   It's like no other writing.  It can tell a story in so few words. It can affect so many people in different ways.  It's a piece of work that can be picked up and almost anyone can find something that strikes their heart and soul.

I would recommend this book of poetry to everyone who loves poetry of any kind.  It is a beautiful writing of life.

I was given a complimentary copy of LUST from the author Diana Raab and Pump Up Your Book for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.
           I would give this book 5 BOWS.



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