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August 23, 2014


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The Calistara Thrones Trilogy
Book One
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A. Larrivee


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Where foxes string their bows and sisters of mermaids dance in treetops…

Where graceful giants worship a bleeding statue and wolves howl on flaming clouds…

This is Calistara. Calistara, home of the five Thrones, the five Towers, the five White Flames.

In Weyland, one of the Thrones, King Isad rules. When an elven girl with snow-tipped eyes and the most beautiful voice in the world appears, the just and compassionate ruler crumbles under her spell. His gentle, vain wife, and his daughter, doomed by a prophecy, fear for their lives. Their chief hope is Isad’s honorable general, appointed only the year before. Meanwhile, Isad schemes against the Council of Spirits, to whom belong the Towers and the Flames.

Where the war wages between flame and ash…

This is Calistara.
*Print edition contains map of Weyland.
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    Welcome! I am A. M. Larrivee, fantasy author. The White Flames of  Calistara is now available in print and on Kindle. I look forward to our great journey together, as we explore the world of Calistara through the trilogy! But come, come, explore the site. Perhaps it will intrigue you. Perhaps it will entertain you. will consume you.  

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    A wonderful fantasy book with all kinds of magical creatures.  There are foxes who string their bows.  You might even call it The Fox Trot. Beautiful mermaids do their dancing atop the trees while the Foxes play their music.
    The author wrote a magical journey into the fantasy world of animals, humans and so much more.  There is worshipping of a bleeding statue which is idoled by the Graceful Giants. This may have a religious undertone,  I'm not sure.  There are wolves that ride of clouds that are full of flames, all the while howling.
    What is this place that they author is taking us to?  Calistara, the home of the five Thrones, five Towers and the five White Flames.
    One of the thrones called Weyland is ruled by King Isad. This dearing ruler falls under an elven girl that has the most beautiful eyes, like they are glistening with snow.  She has the loveliest voice
    Then the author brings in the rulers' gentle and vain wife along with his daughter.  They are doomed and are fearful of  their lives.
    Where is this place where fantasy, magic, love, war, magical animals reside.?  This is where the flame and ash... wages war.
    This is Calistara.

    If you are one of the many of us who are rushed and hurried during every day with nothing but problems and troubles.  With no time to release and let go, then get yourself a copy of THE WHITE FLAMES OF CALISTARA by A. Larrivee and escape into a fantasy world that is out of this world,  CALISTARA!

    I was given a complimentary copy of THE WHITE FLAMES OF CALISTARA from the author, A Larrivee for my  view of the book. No other compensation took place.

    I would give this book 4 Towers.
    Chateau Citadel Fort Castle Clip ArtChateau Citadel Fort Castle Clip ArtChateau Citadel Fort Castle Clip ArtChateau Citadel Fort Castle Clip Art

    Main Characters:
    • AberrĂ©,Aithnowe, Atsilni, Eitev,Feriasha,Herja,Hiral,Isad,Runaya,MantarrĂ©,
    • Mehtar, Merghol,
    Are you ready for your journey to Calistara? No need to debate, my friend! For only two hundred ninety-nine coppery pennies The White Flames of Calistara can be yours on Kindle! Is that a gleam I see in your eye? Buy at Amazon
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