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August 29, 2014

SADIE'S WAR by Jayelle Cochran


Sadie's War : A Supernatural Uprising Novel

 by Jayelle Cochran 
Cover Art by Author
 A blind traumatized teen learns of love, and becomes the catalyst for a revolution.

Abandoned by her parents to live on the streets, Sadie never knew kindness without first paying a terrifying price. The lessons from her childhood fuel a paranoia that makes it impossible to trust anyone, or accept their help. That all changes when she meets Fester, a young man with his own painful past. After he saves her from freezing to death, Sadie realizes that she must learn how to trust another if she wants to live; a feat that is easier said than done.

Paperback, 380 pages
Published February 2014 by Cochran Novels
0615967728 (ISBN13: 9780615967721)
Jayelle Cochran Jayelle Cochran is an independent author and artist living in San Diego. As a military wife and mother of two special needs children, finding time to write and publish her novels can prove to be a challenge at times. According to Jayelle, there are two things a writer needs if they wish to make it into a career: Perseverance and Dedication, and she has both in full supply.

Jayelle's writing primarily consists of Urban Fantasy, though she has plans for a post-apocalyptic scifi series for the future. Currently, she is focusing on the Supernatural Uprising series of novels. After the 4th novel for the Supernatural Uprising has been written, then the second series will begin and the two will be written in tandem.

Although she has been writing for over a decade, it wasn't until Sadie's War that Jayelle became serious about turning her love of writing into a career. The novel had began as a way for Jayelle to cope with her addiction to role playing games. Taking a few characters from a freeform campaign, and designing a few new ones, she began to write her daydreams about these characters. It wasn't long before a story began to unfold and a new love for writing was ignite.
 Young and alone, Sadie is blind, abandoned by her parents to live on the streets.  She lived in an area called the Gutter.  The author sets you up on the first page to become totally interested in the book.  You wanted to reach out and help Sadie.  She has no skills for the treacherous life on the streets and doesn't even know the basics of the world.
 A man named Fester, I wonder if the author made that name for a reason?, has seen Sadie and became enthralled by her beautiful blue eyes.  He decides to watch out for her.  In the winter he finds her almost  frozen on the street and decides to take her home.  She knows now that her lack of knowing of the world  is even more so.  Fester and those that live together, Chloe, Michael all want to protect her.  The author then brings into the story, love, family, abuse, neglect, fear and trust.  All of this the author has encased in a war that is supernatural between regular humans and those that possess special powers.  Sadie decides that all of this is her fault, but is it?   She has never been able to trust, but slowly learns what had gone wrong in her life, and there are those she can trust. This book is a beautiful, and at times sad, journey of learning, trusting and adventure. The author did a wonderful job of not detailing the terrible mental and physical abuse that both Sadie and Fester had suffered.  The abuse is only hinted at, not detailed.  Ms. Cochran didn't put fear in the reader.  You will find yourself laughing, crying and not wanting to let go of the book.

I was given a complimentary copy of SADIE'S WAR from the author Jayelle Cochran for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



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