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June 9, 2014

WAGES CREEK by Jeffrey Hickey

To da Goose, and all the colds we've shared
(from the book)
Jeffrey Hickey
Wages Creek

The story and music were written,composed, recorded and produced by Jeffrey Hickey.  All voices on the audio version are by Jeffrey Hickey.

All drawings and stamp images were designed, drawn and carved by Karen Kiser.

Audio recorded at Globe Studios, Mill Valley, CA., engineered by Cole Tate and Adam Berkowitz.

Audio mastered at Shoreline Studios, Mill Valley,. CA, by Mark Stein.

Design and Layout By Rachel Betz.

  • Paperback: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Big-n-Boo Productions; 2 edition (April 23, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0991257502
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991257508
There was once a campground on the Northern California coast where a fresh, bubbling stream met the vast Pacific Ocean. The sandy beach was large, the grasses were tall and soft, three ducks had a problem, one man had a cold, and a horseshoe pit was in the middle of the solution. This is the story of a trip my family took to Wages Creek.
Jeffrey Hickey is an author of three adult novels, THE COACH'S SON, MOREHEAD, and Scary, Man.  He is currently working on his fourth novel, a piece of historical fiction.  WHERE SHE STANDS.  He also wrote and scored a CD of stories for teenage children and adults called  BATS AND BONES, which will be re-released in the fall of 2014.  All his work is or will be available in print, kindle and audio book.  He wrote and scored WAGES CREEK in May and June of 1004.  While  awaiting publication of this book, he picked many blackberries, threw many blackberries at his wife and their children, was hit by many blackberries, and always kept a spatula close by in case things got out of hand.
She is an award winning animator, artist and filmmaker.  She has been an animator at Pixar Animation Studios for 16 years.  She also did the cover art and sleeve design for BATS and BONES, THE COACH'S SON and MOREHEAD.  Though not as good a shot as her husband with blackberries, she beats him consistently in gin rummy.
First I'd like to say that listening to the audio by Dercum Audio is a must.  It makes the reading so much more enjoyable. The author's characters have that certain something that makes you not forget them.  They stick in your mind.
The author is probably more known through his adult books, THE COACH'S SON, SCARY, MAN and MOREHEAD.
This book was written first in 1997, the new book has an audio book in which Mr. Hickey is reading the story with lots of action, his own musical  and sound effects.  Wonderful combination.  You can't go without the audio.
The story starts out with a camping trip in 1964 which is really a good trip for the Hickey family. Then the Dad comes down with a cold: The the fun began, he is told to stay in the tent and the kids and mom went out for some fun.
On Northern California's coast, Wages Creek is a campground  with a clear, stream that ran into the Pacific Ocean.  There were tall grass that were so soft and a large sandy beach. I couldn't believe that the descriptions of the surroundings and the people.  So vivid.
Then we come to an encounter with three ducks who speak. They and Dad talk about the problems of the duck family. I found that the interaction between the ducks and Dad both humorous and serious at the same time.
The real truth about the ducks was a big Surprise when the family comes back.
I found the book to be well written with wonderful descriptions that were so real you thought you were right there camping with Dad, Mom and the kids.  I don't believe anyone should read the book without the audio.  I also think the book would not be the same with out the wonderful cover and the  colorful artwork.  It's a duo that you don't want to split up.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, not just children but adults too.  Everybody has a bit of a child in them. This book is a keeper that need to be read and re-read and listened to at the same time. I just don't know what else to say but it's a wonderful read and audio.

I was given a complimentary copy of the audio and book,  WAGES CREEK from the author, Jeffrey Hickey for my view.  No other compensation took place.

I would give 5 SOLID STARS.

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Jeffrey Hickey said...

Thank you for the warm and wonderful review. I am so glad you enjoyed this work my wife and I created 20 years ago, and have been waiting for this kind of reception ever since. I hope your post leads many to check out Wages Creek. And know that there will be another project released this fall with words and music, for a slightly older audience, Bats and Bones. Thanks again, Gayle.

Jeffrey Hickey