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June 14, 2014

THE ISLAND OF DOVES by Kelly O'Connor McNees

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Kelly O'Connor McNees

Vivid and enthralling, Island of the Doves tells the story of a courageous woman who is desperate for freedom and of those who will risk everything to help her…
The Island of Doves


SETTING: 19th Century America (1820's) - Buffalo NY
SUSANNAH FRASER lives with her abusive husband. The author puts in a little about the fact that there were no laws back then to protect the abused and the abuser was never questioned. Edward, her husband is a rich man of business, but their home is like a fortress and Susannah is  it's prisoner. They should be a happy couple since they live in one of the richest mansions in Buffalo.  The husband makes life miserable and Susannah feels like he will kill her if she doesn't get out soon.

To her rescue comes a nun and a priest who help her escape.   She is headed for the rough frontier of Mackinac Island.  Susannah's chance for freedom and a new start. among the loggers, fur traders and trading posts.  Susannah  is a strong woman so when she met Magdelaine Fonteneau she  begins to find peace with others who have their secrets and their own personal heartaches.   Together the two women befriend each other as they come to grips with their past and  their future in hopes of building a new life of happiness with new found strength.

The author gave us a good lesson on the rights of women, abused and their abusers and how laws were needed to protect them from even their own husbands. Ms. McNees did a wonderful job of describing these women who had the strength and courage to escape their pasts and continue in hopes of a brighter future.

 I was given a complimentary copy of THE ISLAND OF DOVES by Kelly O'Connor McNees from Night Owl Reviews for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.  

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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