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June 26, 2014


*** adult content***
Essie Grant
Carlene's Discovery

Paperback, 336 pages
Published May 23rd 2014 by Createspace
1499665296 (ISBN13: 9781499665291)

SUMMARY (from Amazon)
Carlene’s first discovery was her husband in bed with his lover. Closely following was the realization that the lover was another man. When the cheating rat tells her he only married her because her size, coloring and overall physical shape reminded him of his long term lover it crushes all of her self-esteem.

Thus begins Carlene’s search for her sensuous and feminine inner self. New clothes and a makeover turn her full and firm 5'11 and 175lbs into an outwardly confident, sexy woman who is ready to try out her inner vamp on any man who catches her attention. Her sexploits expand her horizons more than she ever expected.

When she returns to her father’s farm, George, the foreman can see that she’s been hurt. Since he’s known Carlene since she was a gawky teen, he sees her still as one – until he holds her. Suddenly, she’s not only an emotionally fragile friend; she’s a sexy armful of feminine allure.

Carlene has never seen George as anything other than a big brother – until he holds her to comfort her. The chemistry is immediate and while they try to resist it, each knows they will succumb to the natural attraction not to far in the future. Even after their encounter/s they want to stay friends – since that is most comfortable to both. But, nature has other plans for them.

Moving away to spend some time living on her own, Carlene comes to realize that empty sex is just that – empty. She traces her need for sex from strangers back to where it started… That’s when she understands that she needs a fulfilling love, not just empty sex. Now, how does she explain all of this to George? Can their relationship survive her confessions; should she make them? Will love find a way to bring them together without breaking down her new found self-respect?

This book contains adult scenes of a woman searching for what she thinks she is missing. Experiencing pleasures that are far outside of her comfort zone, she hopes to create a sexy, feminine person who can draw men to her with only a look. It also takes the reader through self discovery when she tries to find out what made her life change so drastically. Figuring out the trigger to her life change, she is able to work herself back to a level of self-respect and recovered self-esteem. Many of you will see parts of Carlene in yourself or your friends after a failed relationship. Hopefully, the situations you have seen work out as well as those experienced by Carlene.

Essie Grant is a former Postal worker who survived by keeping her head down and her mouth shut – for the most part. After that 15 years she owned a business and worked running it and assisting customers. During that time, she also wrote essays that won products from manufacturing companies, articles that appeared in Trade magazines and local papers. Writing has been an interest since her teenage years and she is now pursuing that career full time. CARLENE’S DISCOVERY is her breakout novel and it follows a woman whose life in no way reflects her own. Essie has been married to her husband for over twenty years and works well with him in all of their endeavors. His assistance in her books in invaluable – not as a character or model of one, but as her formatter and occasional proofreader. 
A lot of women could relate to this book.  Being cheated on, commitments and self confidence that are stomped on and trying to make up for a cheater, insensitive and downright cruel man who you thought loved you until...  The book tells of a woman who has lost what she thinks is everything.  She goes through trying to find herself with just sex.  Sex is just that, sex.  It isn't a close relationship.  She realizes that she needs more than just sex, she needs a loving relationship.  Will she go back to being a woman with self respect?  Will she stay unconfident, willing to take second best?  When she returns to her father's farm, will she connect in a positive way with George, the foreman, or will it just be another one nighter?

I would recommend this book to anyone who has been hurt by a cheater or a broken relationship.  I believe the book may help the reader find that they are not alone.  If they are going through or have gone through any kind of breakup, the reader may find that it isn't the end.  It's just the beginning.

I was given a complimentary copy of Carlene's Discovery from the author, Essie Grant for my view of the book  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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