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June 30, 2014


Memoirs of a Horsewoman
Sally Thompson
Product Details

ISBN   978-1-4787-2177-2
Pages  432
Categories-  Literary Collections,/Letters
Published by Outskirts Press
Publication Date: Dec 13, 2013

How does one mend a broken heart? Sally is nearing 30 years old and working part time as a bartender and songstress at her family's restaurant in Port Mansfield-one of the best-kept secrets of the wealthy and indulgent sport fishermen of Texas. It's also a popular port off the Gulf of Mexico for the oil companies and commercial fishermen, attracting quite a variety of humanity. And it's here that Sally meets a mysterious oil supply boat captain named Andy. Bittersweet Texas is the story of a young woman learning to love again, and her unexpected and complex relationship with Andy will change both of their lives as they face an uncertain future. Set in the 1970s, this sweet, serendipitous novel features exciting twists, humor, and heartfelt emotion-the perfect book for the romantic at heart.


REVIEW  (Based on a True Story)
This book was written for the romantic and the romantic at heart.  A lovely book with strong characters.  A young woman on the rebound trying to learn to fall in love again.  She has a relationship with Andy.   The bad thing is this relationship is a very complicated one.  The relationship may change their futures for ever.   The book's setting is in the 1970's.  The book is't just a book .  It is a book about characters that can be related too as if it is today and you are there, perhaps it happened to you.  Even if you're not into horses, you'll find this book to be a romantic comedy that has lots of twists and turns, humor and romance.  A little for everyone.  I found the cover very enticing to get you to open the book and read.  Great cover.

I was given  a complimentary copy of BITTERSWEET TEXAS from the author, Sally Thompson and OutSkirtsPress for my view of  the book. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



 Sally F. Thompson was born in Chicago and raised in the northern rural area of Illinois. As the middle child of seven, she grew up on a farm with horses in her blood. After graduating from high school, she went overseas to England to get her British Horse Society Certification. She has always been and still is to this day a horse trainer. However, her life has taken her all around the country, and she's had many adventures, many of which fuel her stories. Bittersweet Texas is her first novel and features one of the more important adventures she felt the need to share.



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