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December 26, 2013

THE GREY WITCH and Other Stories by Diana Mitchell

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Other Stories
Diana Mitchell
Susan Whiting

The Grey Witch: And Other Stories
Juvenile Fiction
Hardcover, 52 pages
Published November 2nd 2013
 Outskirts Press
ISBN 1478723289
 (ISBN13: 9781478723288)

(from Goodreads)
Enter a world of magic and mayhem. In the world of the Grey Witch anything can happen, and often does. What happens when a witch tests her spells on her unsuspecting cat, or casts spells to oust unwanted intruders? She turns toys into real creatures and sometimes they are not what she expects. She grows candy apples on trees and turns her cat blue by mistake. One witch makes an unusual flying machine for a little boy's Halloween treat. Another enjoys water-skiing with her dog and cat. She upends the Coast Guard and confuses the police, but all is well when the blue witch creates magic for the children she loves.
Where there are witches, there are cats!

This is a wonderful collection of stories for, not just children, but us young at hearters too.
The book consists of short little stories about a Grey Witch, a Yellow Witch, an Orange Witch and a Blue Witch and all their adventures and misadventures.  
The Grey Witch uses her cat to try out potions.  She also goes to school for a visit., which ends in chaos.  The Yellow Witch has men trouble, not romance, but men that want her hill to build on.  The Blue Witch likes to water ski and the Orange Witch meets a boy named Peter.
The picture on the front of the book is a tree house where the Orange Witch lives. This charming little book makes for good bed time stories, or just a fun, alone time with Mom or Dad.  You know Moms and Dads like fun stories about witches and cats.
The illustrator, Susan Whiting did a lovely job of the artwork.  Bright and big pictures to go with the stories.   The hardcover of the book is quite fascinating and will catch the attention of the reader right off.  The author created the witches so they are more easy to relate to and get to know.  They aren't all magic. They have a human side too.  They make mistakes just like everyone else..They have their lives and their cats along with their adventures. This is a book that the reader will want to keep on his or her shelf to read and read again.  Between the cover, the stories and the illustrations, this is one nice surprise package.

I would give this book 5 Solid CATS.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE GREY WITCH and Other Stories from the author, DIana Mitchell/OutSkirtsPress for my review.

Diana Mitchell was born in England and went to school at Stoetley Hall in Surrey. She attended college in Godalming. At age 18 she joined the WRNS. During this time she met and married an American flyer and moved to America. She now lives in Rolling Hills, California. She has 6 children, 8 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and many pets.


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