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December 31, 2013


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John L. Allen, Jr.
The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published October 1st 2013
  (first published January 1st 2013)
ISBN  0770437354
 (ISBN13: 9780770437350)
edition language English

(from Goodreads)
One of the most respected journalists in the United States and the bestselling author of The Future Church uses his unparalleled knowledge of world affairs and religious insight to investigate the troubling worldwide persecution of Christians.

From Iraq and Egypt to Sudan and Nigeria, from Indonesia to the Indian subcontinent, Christians in the early 21st century are the world's most persecuted religious group. According to the secular International Society for Human Rights, 80 percent of violations of religious freedom in the world today are directed against Christians. In effect, our era is witnessing the rise of a new generation of martyrs. Underlying the global war on Christians is the demographic reality that more than two-thirds of the world's 2.3 billion Christians now live outside the West, often as a beleaguered minority up against a hostile majority-- whether it's Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia, Hindu radicalism in India, or state-imposed atheism in China and North Korea. In Europe and North America, Christians face political and legal challenges to religious freedom. Allen exposes the deadly threats and offers investigative insight into what is and can be done to stop these atrocities.

“This book is about the most dramatic religion story of the early 21st century, yet one that most people in the West have little idea is even happening: The global war on Christians,” writes John Allen. “We’re not talking about a metaphorical ‘war on religion’ in Europe and the United States, fought on symbolic terrain such as whether it’s okay to erect a nativity set on the courthouse steps, but a rising tide of legal oppression, social harassment and direct physical violence, with Christians as its leading victims. However counter-intuitive it may seem in light of popular stereotypes of Christianity as a powerful and sometimes oppressive social force, Christians today indisputably form the most persecuted religious body on the planet, and too often its new martyrs suffer in silence.”

This book looks to shatter that silence.

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Very often we as American Christians don't stop to think of the many blessing we have.  We just assume they will always be there.  Often we turn our ears in the off position when it comes to what others are facing.  We just go on and say, it's not about me.   But, THINK, it is about you. It's not just Christians who are persecuted day by day, but others also.  If you can't or don't want to face the reality of the persecution that is taking place, don't read this book.  If you have an open mind and want to find out what the author has to say, read on.  Mr. Allen has written an open view of what Christians go through daily.  It's not pretty, but persecution never is. I believe that anyone that goes against the grain and disagrees with the majority is out front to be persecuted. I do believe this is some serious reading for everyone, not just Christians.  Everyone should be concerned about world peace and people in general.  This persecution happens all over, especially in the Middle East right now.  Persecution is just not words, it's being denied employment, being a second class citizen, constant harassment, being imprisoned and much, much worse.  Christians may feel no body hears their cries, but I don't believe this is true.  Christians believe God is all knowing and he hears you. Persecution happens not only to Christians, but I believe everyone at one time or another feels that nobody hears their cries.  They feel singled out, ostracized.  But why?  Because they believe different, look different, come from a different culture?  We all think everyone should believe, think, act and look like we do?   We're a melting pot.  People have a right to whatever religion they believe in. They shouldn't be shunned because of it.   Everyone is different.   Just because you believe, doesn't mean everyone else does.  I believe that some suffer in silence.  They are hurting and assume there is no answer.  God is the answer or let's say the higher being you believe in is the answer. I do believe everyone should take responsibility in seeing that there are freedoms being taken away from us everyday.  Not just Christians, but everyone.  Christians may be the biggest religious group to be persecuted but what about the others?  They count too.  For some reason there will always be those people who do not  want certain people to be helped or aided in anyway.  Our freedoms here in American are becoming fewer and fewer.  This is affecting everyone, not just Christians.  It will continue in the years to come.  You are taught as you grow up that if someone does something bad to you, turn the other cheek.  The thing is,  when do you have enough and turning the cheek isn't the answer anymore? Others may see Christians as people you can do or say anything to and they will do nothing.  They'll just turn the other cheek.  Is that the answer?  I think not. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing.  We all do at some time or another.  But just because there is disagreement, violence is not the answer.  It's just adding to the problem. Didn't Jesus warn us, that "all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution."?  We were warned.  The author uses case studies and much research in writing his book.   He brings out that Christians are also persecuting other Christians.  Do they have the right to be called Christians?   There is one constant that no one can take away from you and that is what you think and that includes prayers.  Talk to God and listen.  He has a plan in all that happens, we just don't see it.  Regardless of being a Christian or just a believer of a higher being, we should try our best to be good and help those less fortunate; that is if they want to be helped.  

Mr.Allen wrote a very thought invoking book.  It is food for thought.  You may not believe all he says or you may.  No matter, you may be entirely surprised by what goes on when you are turning the other cheek or closing your ears.  You don't have to be a Christian to read this book, anyone may benefit from it.  

I would give this book 3 CROSSES.

I was given a complimentary copy of GLOBAL WAR ON CHRISTIANS by John L. Allen, Jr. from
Waterbrook Multnomah Blogging for Books for my honest opinion. I received no other compensation.

John L. AllenJOHN L. ALLEN JR. is the senior Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and the senior Vatican analyst for CNBN and National Public radio. He writes for other national and international publications. He speaks at nearly fifty engagements a year and is the author of seven previous books, including his most recent A People of Hope: The Challenges Facing the Catholic Church and the Faith That Can Save It.
 He is the author of Conclave, All the Pope's Men, and Opus Dei, and writes the weekly Internet column, 'The Word from Rome.' He lives in New York City and Rome.

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