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November 27, 2013

THE RED STONES by Anna McCarthy

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Mantessi Trilogy
Book One
Anna McCarthy
The Red Stones
Published August 15th 2013
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(from Goodreads)


Jehan's world is completely turned upside down when he discovers his beloved home, the city of Mantessi, has vanished. Struggling to survive on his own, he finds shelter and work in a neighboring village as he wrestles with the magnitude of his loss. Desperate to find answers, he sets out to uncover the truth behind the loss of Mantessi and his family.

But the journey takes a frightening turn when Jehan realizes that he isn't the only one seeking to find the lost city. Reluctantly Jehan is immersed into a mystical world he doesn't believe exists and forced to face an unwanted destiny.

With the help of some unlikely companions, Jehan learns his role in this enchanted world is much bigger than he could ever have imagined. Challenged with grave opposition, Jehan must choose to embrace his newfound purpose or risk losing his companions...if he can survive.

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I found the first book of the Mantessi Trilogy very interesting, a page turner and full of emotions.  After you read the book, you're not satisfied, you want more. THE RED STONES is a story that is mysterious and full of awe.   The main character is Jehan has nothing and no where to go after his home and city of Mantessi just disappears. He knows he must find a place to sleep out of the weather and a way to make a living so he can eat.  All the while he is struggling to understand what has happened.  His home and his family gone, but where? He can't go home, he can't even see them and the sad thing is, he doesn't understand why.  What has happened? After a while he realizes he isn't the only one trying to find Mantessi.  He is soon thrown into a world that he can't believe is for real.   During his journey he has to face things he doesn't want to and hadn't chosen to.  Some strange companions join Jehan and his part in this mystical world is more than he ever knew possible. On Jehan's  journey to find his home and family, you may be surprised at where it will take him..Will Jehan be successful in finding his home and family?  Will his companions help him.?

Marcella found a mysterious stone in the forest and was determined to find out what it was. She picked it up and it was warm and began to glow.  When she turned it away from the sun, it turned grey.  She turned quickly around and the stone turned red again and warm. What were these red stones?  Were they trying to tell them something? Marcella put the stones in her pocket and they made her feel secure, that she was headed in the right direction.  The stones were still glowing. What were these magical stones? Where did they come from?  The answers to these questions lie in the book.  So grab a copy and go with Jehan on his mystical, magical journey to find his home and family? The author, Ms. McCarthy wrote an amazing fantasy read.  I've read quite a few  of this genre and this one kept me turning the pages as fast I could.  I actually read this in one evening.  I didn't want to put it down.  The author gives the reader a release for that imagination that sometimes we are afraid to use.  Just because we grow older doesn't mean we can't imagine and enjoy fantasy worlds.

I would give this book 5 Red Stones.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE RED STONES from the author, Anna McCarthy for this uncompensated view of the book.

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Anna McCarthy spent her childhood in the hills of Tennessee. Raised in a family with much creative talent, her love for the arts grew and eventually developed into a love for writing. After moving to the Midwest, she embraced her passion and is now a published author and speaker. Anna currently lives in Kansas and she and her husband share the joy of raising three daughters.
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Anna McCarthy said...

Thank you for reviewing my book! I find your reviews to be thorough and very helpful in finding new books to read. I am honored to have your feedback. :)
Thanks again!