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November 1, 2013




The Dating Dance: Dancing Through Your Fifties

Published August 27th 2013 by Outskirts Press

Dancing Through Your Fifties
by Grace


 (from Goodreads)

A divorced mother of two grown children, Grace decided she was ready to re-enter the dating scene-a daunting and intimidating prospect. After reading several magazines and books on dating in the 21st century, Grace decided against taking the advice that the media pushes on baby-boomer-aged women and instead decided to take dance lessons to get her out of the house and meeting new people. Little did she know that learning new dance steps would help her navigate her new life in a world of singles just like her. Join Grace and her friends in their adventures as single women dating in their fifties. Grace's quirky sense of humor and honesty make The Dating Dance a fun, uplifting, and empowering read, offering frank, funny, and practical advice to those who wish to join in the dance of midlife dating.                                                                                                                                  
Dancers -

This is a book that will appeal to women.  I believe a lot of women have gone through the same things as Grace.  The reader probably has a few stories of their own that are similar to Grace's. Remember those uncomfortable dating days?  Sometimes you got a prince but most of the time you got the frog.  But then, we have to go through the frogs to find the prince and perhaps find love. This book took an uncomfortable subject and put humor to it.  It made me smile more than once at the dating of the frogs and princes. To start dating after being out of the dating circle for a period of time can be rather scary. I think Grace decided it was time to take a few dancing lessons and meet some new people. Some women who have re-entered the dating scene find that dating is difficult for them.  They are often looking for a close friend without having to get too close. Ms. Grace wrote a easy and fun story of a woman's journey of couples dancing.  She shows what makes a women seek the physical release through dancing. The book is far from boring.  The author put in humor that made you smile and maybe think back about someone you knew or maybe even yourself who re-entered the dating world.  The author gives some very good practical advice to Dating Through Your Fifties. Just because you hit that 40 or 50 mark doesn't mean your dating life is over.  It doesn't mean you can't dance anymore or find a confidant who you can find happiness with.  You don't shrivel up and give up just because you're a little older. I believe the author, Ms. Grace wrote a humorous, entertaining and educational story.  Maybe we all need to read this book and get in on what to do when you;re Dancing Through Your Fifties.
You don't have to even be 40 or 50 to read this.  If you are 30 and find yourself dating again, it might be an interesting read for you too.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE DATING DANCE from the author, Grace for my unbiased view.

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AUTHOR  (from Outskirts Press)

About the Author: Grace lives in Centennial, Colorado, where she works in the oil and gas industry and writes for fun. Grace’s favorite books are Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley and of course his newest best-seller, Leveraging the Universe. Her favorite hobbies are dancing, exploring new places, and making frequent visits to Estes Park. She is a divorced mother of two children and has seven grandchildren.

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