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July 25, 2013


BLUEBERRY BUBBLE GUM                              4 STARS
by Mahamad Ali ElFakir
Illustrated by Victor Guiza

Get ready for adventure! School's out, and Max is gearing up for a summer of baseball with his friends. He's expecting fun in the sun and long, lazy days. But to his surprise, he finds himself transported to a strange and wonderful world after chewing magical blueberry bubble gum-bubble gum his parents warned him not to chew! Join Max in his adventures through Blueberry Bubble Gum World and meet the fascinating creatures who live there-the Blueberry Boy, King Erudition, and the lumpy, moldy green evil Waywards. Will Max learn his lesson and find his way home? Find out in this thrilling journey!

Mahamad Ali ElFakir has written a very wonderful children's book that bring out some strong messages.  He writes with a combination of humor, adventure, scary tales and  the most important, rules of conduct.

 The story is about young Max, basically a good kid except he tells lies.  He does this to stay out of trouble and so he doesn't have to follow his parents rules. School is out for the summer and baseball season will begin.  Max's father gave him a bag of magic blueberry bubble gum.  He is told to not try the gum  until his father gave him the rules.  The rules should wait since his father had to go back to work. Max takes 5 pieces and eats them.  He is asked if he has broken the rule and he lies.  After a moment of flatulence, he blows a huge bubble.  Attempts to pop it by his mother failed.  He starts to float off into the night.He goes into a blue cloud and ends up in Blueberry Bubble Gum World.  He meets the leader , Erudition.  He tells Max how very important a person's word is.  Erudition tells Max there are rules for a reason. 

 The author wrote an entertaining book for children.  He laid down a set of lessons about why behavior is important. The illustrator did a wonderful job.  The book keeps the child's interest and that is very important.  Sometimes their attention span is limited.  I think this book is very good for children.  It has learning value at the same time as being interesting and entertaining. What a thrilling adventure for young ones.

I would give this book 4 stars.

I was given a complimentary copy of the book by the author for this unbiased review.


Mahmad Ali ElFakir was born in Detroit, Michigan in January of 1975. He is an entrepreneur who works hard for his family. He is blessed with his wonderful wife and amazing children. Blueberry Bubble Gum was inspired by his children and is his first of many books to come. He says, “A child’s imagination can inspire anyone."


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Mahamad Ali ElFakir said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my first book! I am happy that you enjoyed it as my hopes are that many people will! Take care and thank you agian. Mahamad Ali ElFakir