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June 8, 2013


 TRUE STORY                       ADULT CONTENT

PINNED A KENTUCKY TRUE CRIME                             3 STARS
by Charles W. Massie

PINNED: A Kentucky True Crime...Mark Casey, a native New Yorker and a gentleman, wants to get out of his home state and live in another part of the world. Over the internet, he meets and is attracted to a small town Kentucky woman named Roxie. This woman seems to be the girl of his dreams - sensual, ambitious, funny and beautiful. After having an extended series of emails and phone conversations, he decides to visit her at her home in Kentucky, to see if she is all that she seems to be. The meeting is magic. Roxie is a consummate gourmet cook and treats Mark like a king. They travel the area seeing the sights and all the while, they laugh. But their intimate life is where the action is. Even though they are both past 55 years old, they make love like two adrenaline pumped teens. They fall head over heels for each other and decide to live together. So Mark packs up his belongings from New York and moves into her beautiful house, just outside Burkesville, Kentucky. But like the flip of a switch, there are immediate problems as soon as he gets in his new abode. He and Roxie fight, where they never did before. She constantly tells him lies. There seems to be a black cloud around Roxie, where other people get hurt. And their once raging sexual relationship has turned sour, causing them to sleep apart. What could have caused this abyss? Six weeks after moving his possessions and his life, away from his home town and into her world, he is charged with a heinous crime and during the investigation by the local police, a large cache of illegal drugs is found. Mark is arrested, charged with this new crime and while he is in custody, Roxie packs her house, takes all of her and his personal property and promptly moves; out of state. Unfortunately, Marks nightmare doesn't end there. This is a true story of flagrant injustice in a small country town. These horrifying accusations strain the man's family and friends trust, while calling their most cherished beliefs into serious question. The story rapidly moves along and tracks the actions and motivations of Mark, the calculating Roxie, the local police force and the Kentucky State Police, the County Attorney, the Attorney General and even the legal tenets of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Not only are many truths revealed, but also exposed is the extent that some will go to dominate, possess, hold power and even cover-up their actions. This story goes all the way up to Mark's jury trial, for the crimes that he didn't commit. For anyone who has ever dreamed of living in small-town USA and getting away from the rat-race of metropolis, this tale of one man's battle against the local 'good ol boys' may cause you to reconsider your aspirations in a new light. Read the story and be PINNED!

This book is about a Craig's List love affair that went very wrong.  Did you ever think that someone you would meet on the internet and fall madly in love would not be who you thought he was.  This seems to happen more and more these days. More than not, things end up tragically. It seems that the main character would have been smarter.  I guess he thought love did no wrong.

There was a bit too much explicit sex in the book for me.  I wasn;t sure if I wanted to finish reading or not.  I think the story could have been told with it being a little more toned down.  The story was rather slow paced at first. The one main thing I believe the book brought out was be aware.  Just because someone seems nice, doesn't mean they are nice.  You need to get to know a person before you get intimately involved.  Over the internet especially, people can pretend they live a totally different life and you are none the wiser.  Sometimes we don't listen to ourselves and put trust in what we are telling ourselves.  If it doesn't feel right, if it's too good to be true, then most likely that red flag is waving.  STOP take a closer look.  It could save you.
You might want to take stock in who your friends are.  Are they true friends, someone you can count on through thick and thin or are they good time friends?

Mark Casey and Roxanne Patrick (not their real names) are the two main characters.  Then we have deputies that don't seem to get their job done properly. There's Les(Mark's roommate) and attorneys for Mark.  Can't tell you why he needed attorneys.  I , just did'nt find the book interesting enough.  Maybe It was too much sex and not enough interaction between the characters.  Mark allowed himself to be entangled in  Roxanne's web of deceit.  I just pictured him as a very intelligent, person. It seems that lust took over. Anyway if some of the real explicit sex was taken out and a little more positive interaction was added maybe I would have liked the book. Not everyone has the same tastes in their reading, so read the book and decide for yourself.  This review was just my own opinion.

I would give this book 3 STARS

I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author for this unbiased review.

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