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April 5, 2013

TOM T's HAT RACK by Michele Spry


A Story About Paying It Forward
by Michele Spry

“Pay It Forward: A random act of kindness towards another person with no expectation of return on investment. (my own definition)”
Michele Spry, Tom T's Hat Rack: A Story about Paying It Forward

OVERVIEW: (From Goodreads)

 Shelby Summers has a zest for life that can't be tamed... Tom Tucker has a dream of helping others who are facing the challenges he faced not too long ago. Join Shelby and Mr.T as they join forces to give back to their community, and be challenged to do the same for yours!

TOM T's HAT RACK is a wonderful children's story about  a little girl, Shelby. Her parents work in the town's hospital, As a result , the neighbors Mr. & Mrs. T adopt her as though she were their grandchild.  Mr. T finds out he is seriously ill so Shelby does everything she can for and with Mr.T.

Her teacher gives the class a writing assignment for the summer.  They are to write a story of something they did during the summer that will change their lives for the better.  Shelby is spending her summer days with Mr. T while her friends are playing, taking trips and staying with grandmas and grandpas.

During the summer Mr. T asks Shelby to help him with a little project.   Shelby works hard.
They put  their project together and she discovers they had built hat racks.  The hat racks were to go to the local  hospital for people to borrow while they were sick with cancer.  Shelby realized hat racks were for boys.  So Mr. T and her design and build scarf racks for the girls.She even takes her own money to buy some scarves for the rack.

When Shelby returns to school she starts writing on her summer assignment.  Her story wins a place on the school's notice board with a message for all the children to think of something to do for someone each day.

I thought this was a very enjoyable story with a lesson to be learned. Shelby is such a sweet little girl that has some wisdom beyond her years.  She cares  so much for Mr.& Mrs. T.  She learns how good it is to "Pay It Forward" with no return The book is beautifully written and illustrated.  I believe this is a good book not only for  the young but the young at heart.

At the end is an illustration on making a hat rack just like Mr. T's. 

The author states that all proceeds will be donated to cancer charities.  This is a wonderful way for children to learn to think of others over themselves.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, TOM T's HAT RACK. by Michele Spry, for this unbiased review.

I'd give this book a 5 STARS.


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