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February 12, 2013

GYPSY BOY by Mikey Walsh



BLURB: Little is known about the Romany Gypsy culture.  They live apart form the rest of the world.  GYPSY BOY shows what it's really like to be Romany Gypsy.

Mikey Walsh didn't attend school and seldom had anything to do with anyone who was a non-Gypsy.  His whole world revolved around the gypsy caravan.  He had an unusual childhood.  He grew up in a loyal and vibrant culture.  His family's legacy was not all joyous and good.  Their history of grief and violence was hidden.  He as soon forced to decide if he'd say and keep the secrets or go and find somewhere else to belong.

OVERVIEW:  When reading this book, you feel like you're being drawn into the secret society.  So many emotions brought out in this book, mystery, dignity, courage, pain, humor and so much more.  It's a tale of a courageous young man who breaks the secret bind and goes on to learn and be part of another world.

Mikey's granny Ivy and grandfather, old Noah, were Gypsy royalty.  The Royal Berks had bestowed this on one of the Gypsies best known elders.  The most popular Gypsy destination in the country is Reading, a sprawling town just outside of London.  It's the home of the Royal Berks.

The night Mikey was born, Granny Ivy told the others that he was the fattest child she had ever seen.  That he was a little pig boy.  Mikey had no idea how much he weighed or what he looked like but the night Bettie Walsh gave birth to a pig has gone down in family history.

That would be terrible for a child to go through life being known an the pic child, ugly and fat.  Mikey suffered so much more than that.  He had a father that not only beat his young child but actually tortured him every day.  He endured this until the day he left the caravan.  Children never had childhoods, they had to grow up and men and women by the time they were ten or twelve., sometimes earlier than that.

Mikey even had relatives that abused him sexually.  I don't know how any parent could let this happen , when they knew it was happening.  These so called parents should have had their children taken from them, but again, it goes back to the secret culture of the Romany Gypsies. 

Mikey Walsh wrote an amazing book of his growing up in the secret Romany Gypsy culture.  It must have been hard to write of the terrible things that happened to him and his siblings.  He's still a Gypsy but in a different world.  I would have to recommend this book to anyone over 17.  It's a unknown reality to most of us.  It's a sad story with an amazing ending.  Mikey Walsh wrote a second book called GYPSY BOY ON THE RUN.  This book has to be  read also.  Dont' wait.  Go now and pick this book up and READ it.  It's an important read.

I received a complimentary copy of GYPSY BOY from Night Owl Reviews for this unbiased review.

I give this book 5 STARS.

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