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December 14, 2012

A KILLER'S FIELD by Susan Elizabeth Alvis

Idealizing a moonlit sky over them and a murderer hiding in the shadows, The Texas Killing Fields is not exactly Kristen McMurray's idea of a romantic evening. Her boyfriend decides to take her there for Halloween. She is far from being happy about going to the killing fields and walking on the grounds known to hold the deadliest secrets.
has Kristen believing her boyfriend has lost his ever lovin' mind. Worse yet, maybe he's a raving maniac waiting to come forth.

Against her better judgement, she agrees to go to the fields. Unknown to her, they enter into a huge Halloween hunt. This was an organized event and an obvious trap used to lure victims to where dozens of bodies have been dumped.

This story is not a true one. It is motivated by the Texas killings along the I-45 corridor.  Most of these killings are unsolved.  Since the early 1970's bodies have been abandoned in the Texas swamplands. Killers committing the perfect crime.  So many questions not answered.

Why would a boyfriend want to take his girl to the killing fields as a romantic evening?  Maybe he was some kind of lunatic. Kristen had such doubts about going, why did she give in?  To please her boyfriend?  You should never do something you have serious doubts about just to please someone.

Did the boyfriend know about the huge Halloween hunt?  Was he wanting to lure Kristen to the place where dozens of bodies had been dumped?  Kristen may not know it right at this minute, but she's in deep trouble.
If it weren't for her survivial skills kicking in, she may have not made it out of the killing fields.

The author, Susan Elizabeth Alvis, has done quite a lot of research on some of the true and brutal unsolved Texas killings. She wrote the book so that "in some small way the vicims families know their loved one is not forgotten." The author wrote a well researched, written, and edited book. 

The characters seem like they could be people you know. It's like you're right there beside them. If you didn't know, you would think this was a true story.

When you look at the cover, it's like you see Kristen with the killing fields behind her. I love the cover.  It fits the book quite well.

The author writes under several pen names. She has over 100 titles to her credit.  She has 2 conventions in 2013, Hot Mojave Knight in Las Vegas and Romfest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  To book Susan or for more info contact


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