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November 7, 2017

THE GIFT/Giveaway

The Amish of Hart County 
Book Three
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by Shelley Shepard Gray

The Schwartz family is happy to be spending Christmas on their new farm in Hart County. But when Susanna Schwartz hears gunshots that cause her buggy to overturn and then her little sister falls through a wooden bridge into the icy creek, it becomes clear from these dangerous accidents that someone wants them gone.

Neil Vance has been heartbroken ever since his parents lost their family farm. He knows it's not the Schwartz family's fault but he can't help being resentful. Until he meets Susanna. She is kindhearted and bold, and Neil can't stop thinking about her pretty green eyes.

Neil thinks the accidents are just that, while Susanna's father is convinced the Vance family is responsible. Susanna refuses to believe Neil would do anything to h arm her. She's fallen in love with him and knows he is a good man. But her family is ready to pack up and move, and time is running out to uncover the truth before someone gets hurt...or worse.

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Shelley Shepard Gray I live in southern Ohio with my husband, two teenagers, and two dogs. My days are filled with busy activities like most any other mom and housewife. But I also love to write books.

Each morning, after my kids go off to school, I sit at my desk, look out my window, and dream of other places. The hours fly by as I make up people and places and drink way too much coffee.

Writing for Avon Inspire has truly been a dream come true. Being able to spend my days in my make-believe world of the Brenneman Bed and Breakfast is a true blessing. I have enjoyed getting to know more about the Amish culture and tapping into my faith as I show each character’s progression toward a personal relationship with our Lord.

Before becoming a full time writer, I taught elementary school in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. A job transfer to Ohio led my husband to encourage me to finally give writing a try. After all, I had notebooks full of made up stories.

I’ll never forget that first book I typed in our unfinished basement. It was exciting to make up a story, but also very scary. I was also so embarrassed, sure someone would come out of the woodwork and point out that I wasn’t a ‘real’ writer. But I persevered, and sold my third manuscript.

Things have changed a bit. Now I have a real office of my own. (think old guest bedroom!) My walls are painted pink, and more than a couple of book covers decorate my walls. But my days are still the same. I wake up, dream about other people, and do my best to type out stories.

We're back in Hart County with the Schwartz family. One problem is the new Amish community isn't accepting the Schwartz family.    It's Christmas time and this is a time to be joyous.  But things turn dangerous when Susanna hears gunshots. The buggy that Susanna and her little sister are in  goes into the icy creek.   Too many accidents have been happening. What is going on?   I thought I had it figured out but I soon found out, I was wrong. Emotions will hit you with this book.  Your heart may pause. SO much is happening, shots and falling into a cave.  Will this be survival or will danger win?    I love Amish books.  They are clean and wholesome.  In this book you get the faith, family, adventure, danger, romance and accidents, well maybe, they aren't accidents.  The family are relying on their faith to see them through this.  Is this a case of mere accidents or is it deliberate, someone trying to get them to leave?  Will the true reason for the "accidents" come to the surface?  Will love prevail?   And most of all, will the faith be kept?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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