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November 2, 2017

FATE IS MY NAME: Amy is in the right place at the right time.

Amy Is In The Right Place At The Right Time
Garfield Whyte

Fate is my name: Amy is in the right place at the right timeGarfield Whyte, a lawyer enjoys many things outside of his main stream profession. He has always enjoyed writing and in his previous career worked in Marketing and Communications. Recently he spends more time doing creative writing, as law sometimes can be mundane. There is always room for a new challenge.
Garfield limits his practice to real estate, probates, and contract law.
A healthy debate is always encouraged, one he enjoys as long as there is respect for the opinion of each other.

He is the author of;
(a) Feelings an environmental photography and poetry, (b) Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill, his memoir about life at Munro College, his all- boys boarding high school, one of Jamaica’s most prestigious citadels of learning, his coming of age novel entitled:
(3) TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod (sub titled, Don’t Cry for me Cape Cod),
(4) Fate is my name.

He is a tennis and NBA fanatic.  

 “It's no use crying over spilt milk,
because all of the forces of the universe
were bent on spilling it.”

― W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

Eighteen-year-old Amy Jones’s family is destroyed when her mother murders her father and she is thrown out of her family home. Around the same time, she discovers she is adopted.
Struggling to make ends meet, she gets a job as a receptionist at a prestigious hotel and meets Dirk, a fifty-three year-old Swiss millionaire, and they fall in love. Though initially apprehensive, Amy accepts Dirk’s proposal. Her life is forever changed; she moves to Switzerland and tragedy strikes.
Valentino Davydenko, a first generation Russian immigrant in Switzerland, helps her through the tragedy, to find true happiness, love and a life she never dreamt was possible.

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Mr. Whyte has written some very good books but this is the best by far.  Make sure you have time to read as much of this as you can in one setting because you won't want to put it down.  As the pages turn, you wait  with heart beating hard to find out what is going to happen.   The book is written very well with very vivid descriptions of the characters and the settings. This is a work of fiction but could very well be real.  It feels real.  Our main character, Amy Jones, from a wealthy family, but that family is soon to fall apart.  Her parent's marriage is going south.Amy doesn't understand what is really wrong. Then there is a murder, Amy's mother murders her husband. But who are Amy's real parents? There is a secret and Amy is soon to learn what that is.   Amy doesn't know it, but her life is soon to change.  What is Amy's 'FATE?"  Think what an affect 'FATE' is?   The author shows his love for writing as his talent shines through in this book.  It's a combination of a thriller, edge of your chair suspense, romance and so much reality. In a way, the reader plays detective.  The author gives you clues as you turn the pages. You may have to think about it. The clues are rather subtle, slightly disguised but they are there. As we, the readers, go through our own lives, we know that life isn't fair sometimes but it's how you handle the situations that matters. Do you just quit? or Do you dig in and fight?  Amy dug in and fought. Life throws curve balls, some in left field, but pick that ball up and throw it back in life's face with a vengeance.  Do the best you can and know that.  That's what Amy did with life's curve balls. Amy was strong. She faced 'FATE' head on.  What a lesson for the readers.   Yes, an emotional ride, but well worth it.  You can learn from this book.  'FATE' is in everyone's life.  It can be cruel, it can be good, but whatever hits you, define it and follow Amy's lead.  Stare it down!

I received a copy of this book from the author and was under no obligation to review it.

I would give this book a SOLID 5 STARS.


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