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October 5, 2017

The Sequel to Bess: COMING SOON

Below please find my review for the first book on Bess.   Soon to come in the summer is the sequel to Bess.   Take some time and read this book.  It's very good.  Gives a look into the life of a woman in the 1900's.  Not the typical woman back then but a woman that went against the 'norm' and showed what it took to survive the frontier wilderness as a woman, not depending on a man.  A strong, courageous, self sufficient and loving woman.   An inspiration to girls and women all over.    So I highly recommend reading this first book on Bess and if you love it as much as I did, grab the sequel that will soon be  coming out.   

The sequel will take Bess' life during the years of 1916 through 1945.  We'll get a look at her life during WWI, the Spanish Flu of 1918, the fabulous Roarin' 20's, the Great Depression and WWII.   This sequel not only gives us more about Bess, but introduces the lives of her children and what kind of legacy Bess was trying to leave.

Charles Cranston Jett 

Life back in the crude frontier would be difficult for even the most skilled and hardened man but one single woman? The land is rough, uncivilized in places and it takes survival skills to just barely make it. Bess is that woman. She is young and strong willed. She lives out in that wild frontier. She had grown up a rough and tumble tom boy. She can work right along side any man and perhaps put them to shame. At the same time, she can do all the chores that every woman back then had to do. The only thing is, when a man expresses interest in Bess, she just isn't interested back. She hasn't time for romance. The author paints Bess as a totally different person than what you normally think of women back in the 1900's. The author gives the reader a strong, determined woman who doesn't necessarily need a man to take care of her. This journey in the Dakota frontier has it's ups and downs for Bess throughout the many changes, some good, some bad. The world back then belonged to men, not women, especially a single woman. But Bess has nerve, she was brave and strong. The author gave background from some research which is evident along with actual documentation of the early life in the Dakota frontier. Bess may have been one of the forerunners in the now feminist movement. She was setting the future in motion for women. She went it alone and gave it all in order to survive the vast frontier. You can't help but respect and admire her. The author gave such vivid descriptions of the Dakota frontier and the characters that you can picture it all in your mind. What would it be like to have been there? Bess has a hidden secret, something that was definitely taboo back in the 1900's. She had met a girl while on the train. Linda and Bess spend three days together and then Linda leaves for Montana. Bess is a must read. She was definitely a "pioneer" in several fields. She was a one of a kind of woman back then, where as today, she wouldn't have been unique. She started setting the stage for the days ahead of her. What was to become a norm. The author gives you a story that is based on a true person, Bess. If you love that sense of the wild frontier of the west back in the day, then you will love this book. Not just a single woman who is strong but the author brings out many characteristics that were new to people back then. Some were secrets that were kept quiet while today they are out in the open and strong women are everywhere.

I received a copy of this book from the author, Charles Cranston Jett and was under no obligation to review it. I voluntarily decided to give a review on it.

I gave this book a SOLID  5 STARS.


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Charles Cranston Jett said...

Thank you, Gayle, for the wonderful review and for your help on giving the sequel to Bess a critical look. I'll try to make BessII live up to your expectations. ~ Charlie Jett