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February 11, 2017


Ellie Camps  Under the Stars
Marci and Elle Fair

Product Details

Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin have captivated readers in five previous books. The newest addition to the Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant series follows the friends as they go camping and explore nature.

Ellie and Pudgy have fun planning their camping trip in the mountains and solving problems once they get there. They set up a tent, go for a hike, play games, make s'mores, and look at the stars. During their trip, Ellie and Pudgy talk about the importance of having new experiences and being mindful of their surroundings.

Marci and Elle Fair have written a charming story for every child with a cherished stuffed animal. Thirteen-year-old Elle knows what children like to read in a story and has helped create an unforgettable new journey for Ellie and Pudgy.

Included in the back of the book is a guide to help parents teach their young readers about the importance of appreciating and conserving the environment. Eco-conscious families will appreciate gentle suggestions about reducing their environmental impact and enjoying nature.


As a working mother of four children, Marci Fair was inspired to share the hard-earned wisdom she gained from juggling work and motherhood for over twenty years. This labor of love resulted in her award winning book “TILT-7 Solutions To Be A Guilt-free Working Mom." She teaches us that "Balance is impossible; memories are better.”

In addition, Marci and her twelve year old daughter Elle are writing an adventure series of books about Elle’s two favorite stuffed animals, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. Their award winning series has been on the Amazon Best Seller lists as it shares imagination, creativity and adventure with its young audience.

Along with a professional career, Marci also founded Kares 4 Kids (, which has served over 37,000 children in need since 2005.


All of the Ellie books are on the Amazon Best Sellers lists.   Check them out!  All very good children's books and adults will enjoy also.  Haven't you ever looked up at the stars and wondered? Here we are give two animal characters, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin who both love the outdoors.  They love nature and everything about it.  So they decide to learn more and went on a camping trip.  Did you ever camp out under the stars?  Undescribable!  Off they went to find their camping site where they could see nature at its best.   They had quite an adventure from putting up the tent, which was quite an adventure in itself, to hiking the woods.   They learned it took patience and an amount of work and willingness to go camping.  But after the tent was up, they climbed in and everything seemed wonderful.  When they went hiking they decided maybe they should wait until the next day for taking a long hike, they were rather tired from setting up camp. When the next day came, they saw so many creatures and scenery that they loved.   Nature was beautiful.  They learned that it wasn't all just looking at nature. It was taking care of nature.
Ellie and Pudgy learned so much on their camping trip.   The authors have a place in the book where you can send photos and names of your favorite animals.  There is also a section for leaders, parents and teachers on children and nature.  Some suggestions.  What a wonderful children's book and adults will enjoy too.  Get a copy and read with your children or grand children on loving and respecting the wonders of nature.   Join Pudgy and Ellie!

I received a copy of this book from the authors and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 SOLID STARS!

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