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February 2, 2017


by Sheri Lynn Fishbach

 Dex Rossi is a gawky, lovesick middle-school entrepreneur and amateur chef who runs a gourmet lunch stand from his front lawn in hopes of earning enough money to buy a gym system that will help him bulk up and get the girl of his dreams. But while he serves up his locally famous food, his profits come to serve another purpose. He discovers that his family’s restaurant is in financial ruin, and to save it, he must cook up a quick plan!

With the help of Alicia, his filmmaking older sister, and a host of great friends, Dex kicks his business into high gear. As word of his talent spreads like peanut butter, an unlikely windfall comes his way. Dex lands his own TV cooking show on the famous EATZ network!

But just when he thinks he’s got his problems licked, Dex finds himself going head to head with a scheming, hard-boiled associate with a secret he has kept closely guarded.

Dex comes to learn that when your dreams are on the chopping block, finding the right ingredients is the best recipe for success. 


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Sheri Lynn Fishbach is a New York-based writer and editor who has just published her first novel, DEX, based on her screenplay and TV pilot of the same title. Over the years, Sheri has contributed to local, regional, and national publications including Gannett's the Journal News, the Jewish Reporter, Steppin’ Out, Psychology Tomorrow, and the New York Times network of newspapers. Sheri holds a B.A. in History from SUNY Binghamton, an M.A. in English Education from Brooklyn College, and is a Meisner-trained actress. She has performed in various regional productions and has been a featured voice in local commercials and audiobooks. Sheri has completed several screenplays and two yet-to-be published novels based on her screenplays entitled Lovelines, and her latest, The Plane Truth. A lover of badinage, find her on Facebook for a spirited exchange. 
This book is a fun read for both adults and kids.  If your kids are into helping cook in the kitchen they will find this book interesting and really funny.  The book isn't just about cooking but it's about loving food too.  Dex is your typical gawky middle schooler who is a young amateur chef.  He sets up a lunch stand in his front yard, just like when we were kids and set up our lemonade stands.   Typical again, he likes a girl, but she is only interested in the jocks.  Remember those days?   I liked the book because it brought back many memories of back in the day.  It made me laugh and smile the entire reading of the book.   Dex is using his lunch stand to set aside money to buy some equipment to make him seem less gawky.  He thinks this will attract the girl to him instead of the jocks.  But as time goes by, Dex finds that his earnings may be used for something else that is much more important.    Can this amateur chef  use this money for a much better purpose?   That purpose being his grandma's restaurant.  It's in trouble.    Dex is actually quite talented and he soon becomes famous with his own cooking show called Eatz.   Follow Dex from his lunch stand to his own cooking show.   See how Dex discovers that love sometimes is much more important than personal wants.  You have to fight for what is right and Dex is ready to go to the cutting board to find the right concoction to succeed.    Find out what happens to Grandma's restaurant. Will Dex use his cooking show for some really good reason or will he get a big head in the process?  It's a fun, interesting, light-hearted read. Not only that but the food sounds so good, it will make you hungry. It will bring back memories of those days when you were that gawky kid.  It's good for a change to read a fun and light hearted book.
I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.
I would give this book 5 STARS. 

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