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January 22, 2017

CAMPAIGN: Tarnished Hearts Ablaze







 Western Historical Romance

 Tarnished – Hearts Ablaze

Four Hearts Find Love on the Oregon Trail 1857

Tarnished-Hearts Ablaze, Hearts Aflame


Hearts Afire 


Willa George Williams 


(I rated this book 5 STARS.)

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Inside the Book:

Willa George Williams
Western Historical Romance
EVERYONE IN THIS NOVEL IS TARNISHED, BUT THEIR HEARTS ARE ABLAZE WITH PASSION, HURT AND LOVE. Wagon Master Edwards has a problem. It’s the year 1857 on the Oregon Trail. He’s guiding forty wagons westward, fifteen of them filled with dreamers following a preacher who doesn’t know spit about survival on the trail. The wagon master assigns his chief scout Nate Curry, age twenty-six, to watch over Reverend Abraham Woodrow and his lovely young wife Lorena. The young wife sympathizes with Nate’s goal to redeem the camp whore Josie from her life as a soiled dove and claim her as his own. The preacher’s wife turns to these two with a peculiar problem – Reverend Abe has never fulfilled the role of husband in their marital bed during the two months they’ve been married. As much as Lorena loves her husband, she plans to ditch him at the end of the trail if Abe can’t be a real husband to her in every way. Who better to turn to for advice than Nate and Josie with their history of wild living? With all these complications, will this wagon train of misfits make it to the Oregon country with their hearts in one piece?
Four travelers who are tarnished in spirit search for love that will fulfill each couple and allow them to face the future with their dreams intact. In this spicy historical romp, share in the fun of wagon train living as it’s never quite shown on retro TV westerns!




Hearts may be tarnished but that doesn't keep the fire within from blazing deep.   I'm a real fan of good ole westerns with the romance and some historical background that just adds to the reality of the stories. 

The author gives the reader a treat of not one but two love stories in this book.  You get two stories with two couples on the rough Oregon Trail where sometimes the only thing they had to keep them going was that spark in their hearts.  The author gives very good descriptions of the scenery and the people in the stories.  You get to know the characters and in your heart you want them to win at their goals.   Crossing the Oregon Trail couldn't have been easy under the best of circumstances but these people pushed forward with a fire in them that they kept hot. They had to.  IT was survival of the fittest and they knew it.  Their hearts not only held love, but they had a strong desire and  on the other side, a lot of hurt that needed healing.   Perhaps a fresh start could do that.

The romance that takes place on the Oregon Trail isn't just a little warm, it's HOT. The author gives the reader women, who back then, were few and far between and some of those women had tarnished pasts.

Some of these women were found on wagon trains on their way to a hopefully new start.  The men and women most of the time didn't know anything about traveling in a wagon across the wild and uncivilized Oregon Trail. We find a tarnished young woman filled with hurt being sought by the train's scout, Nate Curry. Then we have a preacher and his young wife with a different kind of problem.  The preacher had never fulfilled his duty as a husband.... Even though this young wife loves her husband she is going her own way when the trail ends. She needs a real husband, not just a preacher.  Who does she turn to for help?   Nate and Jose,  they both have lived their wild lives.   This isn't your ordinary wagon train.  It's a wagon train with people with unfulfilled love, desires, wants, needs, tarnished pasts and hearts with fires ablaze. This doesn't depict your normal TV western of the wagon train crossing the frontier.  It's quite different so if your heart is ablaze for good ole' westerns and  you want those tarnished blazing hearts to win, then grab a copy of this book and go into the wild frontier in on the Oregon Trail in the 1800's.   A wild west with hearts ablaze!

I received a copy of this book from the author and Pump Up Your Book and voluntarily decided to review it.
I would give this book 5 STARS.   
Willa George Williams
Willa George Williams is a freelance author who prefers rural living in a country farmhouse with the solitude to read and write her dreams, assisted by loved ones and a menagerie of animal companions. Please visit her Facebook page, the Willa George Williams Facebook page (search on Facebook or Highlight the following link: HERE - then Right Click 'Open Link in New Window'.

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