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December 4, 2016


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by Philip McCormac

Product Details

Zacchaeus Wolfe is done with killing

Wolfe is now a peaceful dirt farmer and he’s determined to leave all the death and destruction in his past.

But the Kerfoots, a powerful landowning family, refuse to leave Wolfe in peace. His little farm does not fit into their plans.

Old Man Barrett Kerfoot - and his five sons - control the range and the law. But they're about to find out that they do not, nor cannot, control Zacchaeus Wolfe.

Wolfe will only be pushed so far, before he begins to push back.

The peaceful dirt farmer is about to go to war again and this time there’s no telling what he’ll do.

It’s kill or be killed in the Wild West.

Paths of Death is a fast-paced Western adventure.

Praise for Philip McCormac

‘Philip McCormac writes in the best tradition of Zane Grey and Jack Shaefer.’ Richard Foreman, author of Sword of Empire.

Philip McCormac lives in the East Midlands, England, is married with two grown-up children and five grandchildren. He is the author of fourteen Western novels including Son of a Gun and Vengeance Unbound. He is also the author of detective thriller Tone Death.

Pioneering Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We publish new and classic westerns by authors from the US and the UK.

  • File Size: 2177 KB
  • Print Length: 163 pages
  • Publisher: Pioneering Press (January 31, 2016)
  • Publication Date: January 31, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01BBZ9J0O
Philip McCormac
Philip began writing fiction as a respite from his business activities and had short horror published in various magazines. He even wrote a series of articles on New Age Philosophy which was published in Burning Issues, now defunct. One day he came across an article on writing westerns and wrote HOT SPUR using the pseudonym Elliot James which was his grandson’s name.

Black Horse Westerns accepted the book and since then Philip has had 14 westerns published under P. McCormac and various pennames. The most recent, GUN BARREL JUSTICE, published in January this year. In December 2010 a crime thriller, MacLean, was published by Robert Hale, London.

THE RATTLESNAKE KID was also published the same year by followed by BROTHER'S BLOOD.
LEAVES OF BLOOD was published on Kindle in 2012 and is a story set during the American Civil War. Since then Endeavour Press have reissued the Black Horse Westerns in EBook format.
At present he is reading WINGED DESTINY a supernatural thriller on BIGWORLDNETWORK.COM while his daughter-in-law Claire is reading THE CAVES OF BLUESTONE a YA sf novel on the same channel.
REBELLION - a historical novel involving the 1916 Easter Uprising in Dublin was published on kindle June this year.
DAYS OF DEATH a Black Horse Western is due out towards the end of 2016.

Writing is an obsession with Philip and there is always a full program of writing ongoing.

Known Pseudonyms
Elliot James
P. McCormac
Gary Astill
Henry Christopher
Jim Wilson


What happened back in the wild west, when Zacchaeus Wolfe  laid down the life of  death and pain and become a poor dirt farmer?   He had a little piece a land, a woman he loved until?   He's trying to live a peaceful, on the side of the law, life.   But sometimes life steps in.  And how it stepped in.
Big landowner and outlaw just had to keep having more and more land.  He wanted the little land parcels that his neighbors had and he went about it in the outlaw way.  He'd burn their crops, run cattle through the crops, tear down fences and if you got in the way, you'd be arrested by the corrupt sheriff  or death came early.  
But when they came up against Zaccaeus Wolfe, they barked up the wrong tree.  He wasn't going to back down.  He was framed, left for dead, his friends and family either killed or hurt.  They weren't getting away with this.   With only one hand, he didn't need a second.  After being left for dead and losing his memory, he recovers only to discover the Kerfoots had killed his wife.  That did it.    He had been pushed way to far and was going to push back and push back he did.  
The author gives us a wild west story with outlaws, crooked sheriffs and life. It wasn't a life of luxury for these dirt farmers but it was their life.  This would, to me, make a good western movie.  I love westerns and the outlaws. 
Kerfoot had five sons and only one was worth the time of day.  They control everyone and all the land, including the sheriff.   They think no one can beat them. But they may have been sadly mistaken.
It's kill or be killed in the Wild West.  So much action in this short story.  It's just down to earth talk and events, with no sugar icing.  The author doesn't bog you down with a lot of words that are unnecessary.  It's a short read and can be read in an afternoon or part of an evening.

This is an author I will read more of.  Grab a copy and enter into Zacchaeus Wolfe's old west world and find out, YOU DON'T PUSH ZACCHAEUS TOO FAR, He pushes back.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and Pioneering Press and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 

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