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December 6, 2016


Autobiography of an Awakening
Nancy Torgove Clasby

"It felt like the whole world was shaking inside me and all around me,
It felt like bliss - perfect peace. This light was pouring through me, and as it was pouring through me, it was teaching me things." 
(from back of book)
The Reluctant Mystic: Autobiography of an Awakening


Part memoir, part exploration into human emotions and our ability to heal ourselves, Nancy Clasby's sharply observed memoir The Reluctant Mystic is a must read for anyone interested in the spiritual possibilities we all hold and how to harness those skills.
"In a hospital lobby, Nancy Trove Clasby noticed patients shuffling around in slippers and hospital gowns. She thought it was strange that they were allowed outside their rooms.  Then she realized they were already dead and didn't know it yet." Clasby explores this awakening as well as many others in her eye opening memoir, The Reluctant Mystic: Autobiography of an Awakening (Small Batch Books, July 2016)

Clasby is the first to admit that her gift is unbelievable but that doesn't stop her from putting it to good use. She's been helping people heal for over twenty  years with extraordinary results and is now bringing her tools, techniques and skills to the masses with her critically acclaimed memoir. Clasby invites people to read her stories and apply thee lessons to their own lives. She's hoping her words will awaken people to the miracles that surround them daily.


Life is a mystery.  Everyone has certain unexplainable abilities.  Some of us see things before they happen or bits and pieces of events that haven't occurred.  We all have those certain"gifts".   Most of us never realize it. Then there are those few who feel that peace and that slight shiver knowing that they have a special "something" within them.  It just has to be connected with.   You have to let go of the moment and dig deep into your heart, soul and most of all your thoughts.  Ms. Clasby who is a mother of three children, takes some of the strange mysteries that life deals us and tries to connect them.  She has spent years helping others as a healer, everyone from terminally ill to the ones who are deeply grieving.   As the title says, Autobiography of an Awakening, it is truly an awakening when we with those special gifts, let go and awaken to what is happening.  As with Ms. Clasby, it will change your life and others forever.  This book is a memoir of Ms. Clasby's personal account of life and the awakening that took place in her life.  Some are skeptical of people who supposedly have "gifts", others believe, some aren't sure.  So grab a copy of Ms. Clasby's book and possibly decide how you feel. Perhaps you have a "gift".  You may just have to awaken to the reality. I personally have my doubts as to how far a person can take those "gifts".

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS .



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