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December 29, 2015

NORTH OF HERE by Laurel Saville

MARCH 1, 2016

North of Here                                                      
            ARC COVER                                                                             

from Night Owl Reviews
  • Number: 9781503949980
  • Release: March 1, 2016
  • Author: Laurel Saville
  • Availability: Print-Book
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: * SUSP: Suspenseful / Action
  • Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

The sounds of unexpected tragedies—a roll of thunder, the crash of metal on metal—leave Miranda in shock amid the ruins of her broken family. As she searches for new meaning in her life, Miranda finds quiet refuge with her family’s handyman, Dix, in his cabin in the dark forests of the Adirondack Mountains. Dix is kind, dependable, and good with an ax—the right man to help the sheltered Miranda heal—but ultimately, her sadness creates a void even Dix can’t fill. When a man from her distant past turns up, the handsome idealist now known as Darius, he offers Miranda a chance to do meaningful work at The Source, a secluded property filled with his nature worshipers. Miranda feels this charismatic guru is the key to remaking her life, but her grief and desire for love also create an opportunity for his deception. And in her desperate quest to find herself after losing almost everything, Miranda and Dix could pay a higher price than they ever imagined. (copyright Night Owl Reviews)

Laurel Saville is an award-winning author of numerous books, articles, essays, and short fiction. Her work has appeared in the LA Times Magazine, the Bark,, and other publications. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and lives and writes near Seattle. She is also a corporate communications consultant and has taught and spoken at a variety of colleges and writing conferences.
Laurel SavilleHer memoir, Unraveling Anne, won the memoir category of the 2011 Indie Book Awards and was a runner-up to the grand prize winner at the Hollywood Book Festival. Her first novel, Henry and Rachel, a fictionalized account of her great-grandparents’ lives, was a finalist for a Nancy Pearl Award from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. Connect with Laurel at (from Amazon)
Everyone's lives hold tragedies, especially when we don't expect. it.  Miranda is in shock after the sound of metal on metal and a clap of thunder.  Now she has her broken family to deal with.  Miranda is looking for something and she's not sure what.  She looks to the handyman, Dix and finds peace and quiet in his mountain cabin amidst dark forests. Dix is a good man,he is kind, he can be depended upon and has a knack with an ax.   He tries to help Miranda get over her shock but soon it becomes to much even for Dix. Miranda tries to fill the void when a man from her past offers meaningful work at a secluded property where  nature worshipers gather.  It is called The Source. Miranda thinks he will help her create a new life. Will Miranda fall in love? With Dix or the man from her past?  Can the man from her past be trusted?  What will happen to Dix and Miranda? There's always a price to pay.

I received a complimentary copy of NORTH OF HERE from the author, Laurel Saville and Night Owl Reviews for my view of the book. No other compensation took place

I would give this book a definite 5 STARS.


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