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May 18, 2013



by Michelle Ramsey


"Sometimes we make choices to avoid drama in life. But what happens when the road we take becomes the road that brings us face to face with it? Patricia Allen-Coles is a career woman, hell-bent and determined not to struggle and live a life of poverty and desperation. A UC graduate armed with her Masters she has claimed a new life and identity for herself. Running from her past, she has just begun to realize all of her dreams. But will the past catch up to her?

The handwritten note mysteriously appearing in her mailbox sends alarms throughout her and triggers a series of events she is not prepar:ed for. She had worked carefully to conceal her past, yet somehow the rules changed and the barriers have been broken. Patricia must determine if she is ready to reveal the truth. As she balances the scales of right and wrong, she must finally face the destruction she has caused.

Reflections of Promises is a tale of deception and betrayal that will take you on a fast-moving emotional journey that invokes passions deep within from page 1. When foundations are built on untruths, and cover-up, can everything that appears to be solid still stand?"

The book deals with real life drama and emotions even though the book is fictional. When you're reading, you feel so connected, that there are others with the same issues.The book, REFLECTIONS OF PROMISES is a very good book.  You will realize that secrets have a way of coming out into the open.

The story is of a woman's journey from deception and her choices in her life.  You'll start reading and you won't want to quit.. You can't turn that page quick enough to find out what is going to happen next.

The book has quite vivid details on the emotions and lives  of Patricia, who is a strong woman that has has a lot of very had choices in her life.  The author makes  you feel that you are going through the emotions with the character.

The  author makes you realize how difficult our lives are. That we are all webbed together and our relationships are quite complex.You will immediately be drawn in because you will find places where you fit it, like it';s your life.  Even though we have hardships, obstacles and pain in our lives, we need to and CAN rise above it all.

Anyone who is looking for a family drama, relationships and a place where you may fit in, this book is highly recommended.  You may end up loving, hating, being angry with, feeling  sorry for the characters and so much more.

I would give this book 4.5 STARS

I received a copy of this book REFLECTIONS OF PROMISES by the author Michelle Ramsey for this unbiased review.

About the Author

A lifelong writer and storyteller, Ramsey began writing professionally in 2002 and currently is a freelance writer for Bleu Skies Writing Services and holds an MBA in Human Resource Management. Ramsey writes fiction stories that delve into the inner soul of a woman: her deepest secrets; her wildest dreams; and her darkest fears. She has a passion for creating "words of art" that entertain and take readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Ramsey lives in Ellenwood with her husband and three children. Her first published novel Reflections of Promises was released in June 2012, followed by Real Secrets in December 2012.

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