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May 30, 2013

KINGSBLOOD: The Chronicles Covent by J.L. Ficks & J.E. Dugue

KINGSBLOOD:  The Chronicles Covent                             5 STARS
Tale Two of The Shade Chronicles
by J.L. Ficks & J.E. Dugue
Illustrated by Thom Scott

Tale Two of the Shade Chronicles...

A contract has been written soon to be sealed in the blood of kings. A guild of assassins creeps out of the shadows of mighty Doljinaar, eager to collect on the royal bounty. The time has come for the world's darkest assassin to make a stand for a banner not his own...


 KINGSBLOOD was like you were going from one world into a place of open marshes, guts and gore.  The characters were assassins and socially unskilled.  The author has such a huge imagination that it draws you in as though you are actually there. The main character, Shade is not an ordinary killer.  He bears conscience of what he does.  He lives a conflict all the time because he has a conscience and soul.  He was trained to be a killer, nothing more, nothing less.  Above all he was not the family man type.  He wasn't out to be the Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, trying to save everyone.  He served his king compassionately.  He was one bad soldier.  I feel he was like a little child, knowing what he should do but why was he supposed to.?

The author has put so many characters that are not like any other.  I liked the fact that the author included several different races.  There was no problem feeling like you knew these characters.  If you go on the site
you will find the author adds more enjoyment to the book  If you take the  time  you will actually  learn about the the world, the characters and the different races.   Take the time to really get into this book.  You will enjoy it so much more. You can actually see Shade on his journey.  The author has put so much into the series and the site.    I will have to tell you that you will not be satisfied when you are done.  The only thing you  will want is MORE.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book,  KINGSBLOOD, from the authors, J.L. Ficks & J.E. Dugue, for this unbiased review.

Keep up  the fantastic work, the stories are so original and imaginative.  Thanks for the great book.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in English Studies. He worked as a freelance writer and ghostwriter for six years. He now works as an adjuster and spends his spare time working on his own writing during low storm activity periods. His co-author, J. E. Dugue, and he grew up together and spent over 15 years pouring their thoughts, love and imaginations into the monstrously huge world of Covent.

He is married to his lovely wife of tens years and enjoys playing with his son, who some say is as full of adventure as his father.

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