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May 21, 2015

DEEP FREAK/ plus giveaway BLOG TOUR by Mars Dumont 21st


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virtual is the new reality 
Mars Dumont

A magical mystery tour of virtual reality and beyond. Love, politics, conspiracy, and fluctuating space-time coordinates all come to a head when a huge solar flare disrupts the event horizon between parallel universes.

Living in simulated reality, SIM, is all the rage in the mid twenty-first century. But just when it seems that illusion has triumphed and Reality has become irrelevant, Reality throws a curve ball.

Audrey is a SIMdesigner and an artPrank hacktivist. When her friend Dano disappears, Audrey is forced into the gritty world of Real to find him. People disappear all the time in this dystopian near future, but then there are Type III disappearances. The young Milan also vanishes, this time right before Audrey’s eyes, and the quest for the disappeared takes a whole new turn as Audrey finds herself unwillingly thrust on a bizarre existential odyssey.

Meanwhile, Milan wakes floating in midair before the floor suddenly comes up and crashes hard into him. He looks around and at first the room does nothing. Then it wakes up. Myllan is on the Other Side, a place where people meet in Astral, not SIM, where luminescent mushrooms grow in the snow, and the weather knows what you are thinking.

Real? SIM? Or hallucination? Nothing is what it seems.(from Amazon)


The story has part political thriller with a sci fi of an alternate reality.  I found the characters were exceptionally strong.  Audry and the posse of her friends are just twenty somethings and they are quite a group.  The story is exceptionally daring and yet successful in the webbed assassination and the creative travels.  The book would be good for young adults with the political and physical fantasy. I found the book to be very interesting being taken into a future world of social media and virtual reality where it can be directly wired into a user's mind. 
I was a bit concerned with the wording being so futuristic of which the author invented himself.  I was about to quit about  half way through when I decided to continue.  It took a while to get used to the future peaking.  Sometimes I had to re-read the page to get it.  Eventually I started to get the meaning of the words.   We can never know what speech, events, characters or anything will arise in the future.  The author gives examples of this.  He splits the words, bends them and slams them together that will make the reader's head spin.  I found that you have to have patience to get through this book.  Once you connect with the words and their meanings, the book becomes a fast paced thriller.

About the time you get used to all of this, a teenage boy (Milan) ends up in an alternate wold called The Other Side.  This happens during a solar storm.  A search goes on trying to get him back.   Cyber terrorists are preparing to attack. High powered  hackers put Micky Mouse ears on Mr. Rushmore's president's ears.  This is a political protest vieing for private security forces and prisons.  Young people being so very clueless party in SIMrooms instead of physically attending in reality.   Milan has found his grandparents (five years missing) in The Other Side and he has many new friends.  Will he want to come back to an imperfect world?
Of course we have to have a little romance.  Love stories are  going on with Audrey, Dano, Marc and others.  As you travel the journey into deepFreak, do you wonder what is reality?
Don't give up on this book.  Keep reading and you will finally get the jest of it.  It's a different world with different language, characters and plot.   

I was given a complimentary copy of deepFreak from the author Mars Dumont for my view of the book.
I would give this book 4 STARS.





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One t-shirt per blog and many, many ebooks! So we should have a bunch of happy contestants.

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