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May 26, 2015

CODE NAME: ERELIM by John Spencer Yantiss

Sherrod Colsne Mysteries
John Spencer Yantiss
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In Code Name: Erelim, genius, New York detective, Sherrod Colsne, receives a cry for help from a childhood friend of his country of origin, England. Sir Guy Hugo de May, Marquis of Maubrey, once head of MI6, and now President and CEO of Tower Of London Aegis, or TO-LA, is in Jacksonville, Florida for a conference with an American partner firm, Biocon, and Organic Processing Technologies, Inc., or OPTI, a rival enterprise claiming that it owned the rights to a very special CPU, or at least the bio-electrical materials and manufacturing proce-dures used in producing it. That processor, in the final developmental stage at Biocon, together with software developed by TOLA, constituted a system referred to as “Erelim” (according to some ancient Jewish and Christian texts, the highest rank of angels, and defenders of God’s throne).

Some very disturbing incidents have taken place at Denham Court, a substantial house situated on at least a couple of acres of riverfront property, at the end of Desmond Street, in Avondale, an old and refined neighborhood of Jacksonville. Using what are, for him, words of uncommon urgency, the Marquis’s request for assistance prompts Sherrod Colsne to go south in the hottest season of the year—completely against his wonts. Even so, he does not compromise in his refusal to fly. Along with his dauntless associate and chronicler, Monty Weston, Colsne hurriedly packs so as to catch Amtrak’s Silver Meteor at Penn Station.

What follows is a deceptively intricate train of events wherein one of the conference attendees is shot, and Monty is almost mortally poisoned. The Erelim device is in fact a long-predicted technology of the most profound implications, organically-based computer processors, and potentially threatening intelligence and security agencies and processes the world over. Sherrod Reynard Colsne’s incisive genius, and his employment of all necessary resources, brings to light the culprit, while Monty’s hair-trigger reactions prevent further injury or deaths.

Conjuring reminiscence of Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes, and others, the main character, Sherrod Colsne, combines elements of many of our beloved 19th and early 20th centu-ries gentlemen crime fighters. Quite tall and slender, yet a fervid and virtuoso gourmet, a highly gifted pianist, he can nonetheless, in an instant transform into a deadly exponent of the most artistic and subtile of martial arts, Aikido. Most importantly, he possesses staggering genius, amplified in its impress on others by a most anachronous eccentricity. His tempera-ment and wonts hailing directly from an earlier era, he is sometimes sedentary, and always in danger of “going Greek,” as Monty Weston terms it, escaping to his fifth-floor retreat, his “little corner of Achaia”), Conversely, when a case is on, can be driven almost mad by inac-tion, must see the scene of the crime, and examine it carefully. Unlike many others, famous for such idiosyncratic ways, Colsne likes and appreciates women, and below his staid and icy exterior is supremely romantic.

Counterbalancing the sidereal Sherrod Colsne, Montague Boyd “Monty” Weston, though sharing much of his master’s superannuate ways, very much embraces the world of technology, and frequently fills in his boss’s knowledge gaps in that realm. He is also the quintessential “man of action,” more impulsive in his reaction to, and anticipation of danger and violence. Indeed his rescue of Colsne in the Claudia Sicco kidnapping is what brought the two together, and began what promises to be a life-long association, of close, if sometimes salty and piquant. Together with Colsne’s inscrutable manner and methods, Monty’s wit and insouciance combine to entertain and challenge those who love intrigue, action, and les tendres sentiments de l'amour.

This story was written after the novel MURDER BY BEQUEST whichh was Book 1 but happened before the first book. Setting 2003, Florida.  Colsne received a message from his friend Sir Guy Hugo de May, Marquis of Maubrey. Sir guy and his associates became a little leary when they came down with gastroenteritis.  This happened while working on a top secret communications and tracking system.
 That same day Colsne and Monty, his side kick were to leave.  In Florida Monty was drugged, saved by a doctor and a murder took place.   This book is written in first person by Monty who resided in the "granite Palace" in New York City. This characters are top class such as butlers and all the servants that upper class citizens have.  The author did a good job of writing this short mystery.  The reader will find himself asking if they knew who the perpetrator is,As the end nears we still don't know who drugged Monty.  We know who brought him the coffee, but was it him or the murderer?  The books don't need to be read in order.  The author wrote a wonderful mystery that leaves the reader wondering and trying to figure out who the murderer is and who drugged Monty.  Can  you figure it out?
I received a complimentary copy of CODE NAME: ERELIM from the author John Spencer Yantiss for my view of the book..

I would give this book 4 STARS.

John Spencer YantissJohn Spencer Yantiss was born in Louisville, KY to parents of Anglo-Scotch-Irish, and Lithuanian descent. A musician and singer, he started piano lessons at age 5, and began writing poems and songs when 8 years old. While still in high school he began playing guitar professionally. Over the years he shared the stage with such notable Southern Rock figures as Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley, and an evening of coffee and conversation with "Uncle Miltie."

His love of writing poems and lyrics continued on over the years, branched out into fiction, beginning with not a few attempts at fantasy, in a style not unlike Tolkien and Lewis. In 1993 he began writing classic detective mysteries, based on the character Sherrod Reynard Colsne, in the transatlantic and cumulative tradition of Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe. Murder by Bequest, his inaugural effort, first appeared in publication in 2012 through and on as a Kindle e-book, and soon thereafter in paperback via Amazon's CreateSpace vehicle.

There are several more in what is a growing casebook, with Code Name: Erelim, a nightmare novella threatening intelligence and national security agencies around the globe; The Weerwolf Problem (Dutch spelling) and The Golden Dart , both short stories filled with subtile horror and the grotesque, in Kindle and paperback, the latter two being in a combined volume under the collection name of Macabre2. Coming are Sa Kainitan, based in The
Philippines, and The Seiðr Affair, a bone chiller about a doomsday computer weapon. Yantiss has also returned to classic, mythological fantasy, and Rylie Rabet Goes on an Adventure--A Tale of Magic and Thaumaturgy Amongst the Wee Forest Folk is forthcoming in late 2014 or early 2015. 


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