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Club Sin # 5
By: Stacey Kennedy
Releasing March 10, 2015
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ClaimedBared Desired Tamed Commanded
USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy returns to the tantalizing world of Club Sin in an enticing novel of control and surrender.
Porter Marshall has nearly achieved his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, but his new sub poses a much bigger challenge than he anticipated. Despite their mutual attraction and red-hot dungeon sessions, Kenzie Hart plays her own games. Her bratty, you-can’t-break-me attitude masks terrible personal hurt—pain that only the exquisite touch of a skilled Dom can release. But when Porter suggests taking their connection to the outside world, Kenzie denies him . . . which only makes him want her more.
Kenzie can’t ignore the raw, fierce bond she has with Porter. But she can’t give in to his dangerous demands, either. Is the passion they share real, or is he using her to solidify his status at Club Sin? And yet, who else can she trust with the shattering secrets she holds within? As Porter expertly brings her to the point of no return, Kenzie surrenders her body—and, piece by piece, her heart.
Tamed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.
  1. When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?

I never dreamed of becoming a writer while growing up. I wanted to be a mom. But funny enough, it was after I had my first daughter that my writing dreams developed. I read a lot in the first year of her life and that’s where my itch to write came into play. So, I woke up one day and started writing . . . and just have never stopped.

  1. What inspired you to write the Club Sin Series?

I wanted to write a series about a BDSM club where the focus wasn’t directly on the club. Personally, I think emotion is the key to any romance, so that became my focus. All of the Club books are about two people who come to their relationship with their own flaws and are trying to overcome them to be together.

  1. How many more books are planned in the Club Sin Series and what are their anticipated release dates?

There will be three more books coming in the Club Sin series before it wraps up. They are:
3/10/15: Tamed (Club Sin #4) – Porter and Kenzie

7/7/15: Commanded (Club Sin #5) – Sawyer and Chloe

9/1/15: Mine (Club Sin #5.5) – Dmitri & Presley novella that closes off the Club Sin series and introduces us to the spin-off series, The Dungeon’s Key.

  1. Have you considered releasing, or are there any plans to release, audio book versions of the Club Sin books?

Yes, the Club Sin books are presently being put into audio books. More details will be released soon.

  1. Do you have any other non-Club Sin related books in the works?

I sure do! I have a paranormal series that’s coming out in May, Witches Be Burned. My writing career began with paranormal books, so the Magic & Mayhem series holds a special place in my heart.
I also have a new series planned for after the Club Sin books, The Dungeon’s Key. I cannot say enough how excited I am to finally get down to writing these books. They’ve been a couple years in the making, so it’s all very exciting.
  1. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Just write and stay true to what makes you happy. If you love your story, others will, too!
Bj's Reviews
4 “Taming via Care” Stars! I have read all of the full-length novels in the Club Sin Series and Stacey Kennedy never ceases to amaze me. Her attention to the psychology behind the BDSM lifestyle, and her delicious alpha heroes, who always know just how to protect and take care of their woman, always manages to provide for an addictive, provocative read.
While the Club Sin Series can be read on a stand-alone basis, given each focuses on the love story of a different couple, the characters from prior stories do continue to make an appearance in subsequent books. Thus if you plan to read the entire series, and I highly recommend you do, then they are best enjoyed in order.
Kenzie, the heroine from Tamed has been an interesting spitfire in prior books. Constantly challenging the Doms of Club Sin with her “bratty” behavior, she is more than a handful. So needless to say I have been eagerly awaiting her love story for some time now, as I just knew that it would have to take a special Dom to finally “tame” and capture her heart.
Porter, in turn, played a substantial role in Book 3, Desired, as he is the ex-boyfriend of Ella, the heroine of that book (which by the way features the scorching hot story of Kyler, who I have coined “The Perfect Dom”, and which made my top favorites list)! You definitely don’t want to miss Desired if you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing that story.
The only thing that stands between Porter, and his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, is Kenzie. Porter has known Kenzie for years, as they were both members of another BDSM club in the past, but he has never previously gotten that close to her. Preferring to keep her distance, Kenzie has some unusual hard limits, such as no aftercare or touching allowed following a play session, making getting close to her difficult. Now, however, Porter has been given a deadline–30-days–to do what no Dom has previously been able to do: get through to Kenzie and claim her true submission. If he can manage to do what no other Dom has been able to, then Porter will be able to attain the much coveted status of Club Sin Master.
Interestingly though, what starts as part of a challenge, soon becomes so much more. Even though Kenzie fights him every step of the way, Porter is determined to get to know Kenzie on a personal level, so that he can better care for her as her Dom. The closer they get, the more undeniable their connection and passion becomes.
Soon even Kenzie finds it difficult to keep the much needed distance that she craves. A need fed by a bad past and significant trust issues, and knowing that their arrangement is only for a month, making it even more difficult to allow herself to open up. When external forces surface though, and Porter gets a whiff that Kenzie may be in physical danger, he refuses to take no for an answer. While Kenzie is used to taking care of herself, she may have finally found a situation that she can’t handle on her own, and Porter’s insistence to help only confuses her more. Just what is it that Porter is after? Taming her so he can gain the Club Sin Master status, or something much more personal and which she never dreamed of having?
Interestingly, I had a completely different vision in store for Kenzie’s and Porter’s story, but Ms. Kennedy completely surprised and left me with the usual warm and fuzzy feeling with the alternate direction she took this story in. Knowing what a contradictory nature Kenzie had, I expected Kenzie’s Dom to be ultra-Dominant, but in fact it’s tenderness–something Kenzie hasn’t experienced much of–that is ultimately the way to her submission. If you enjoy BDSM romances and protective alpha heroes, then I highly recommend that you read Tamed and the entire Club Sin Series!
And for those of you who prefer to listen, then I have some very exciting news. Stacey Kennedy has confirmed that the Club Sin Series is being made into audiobooks! I can’t wait to go back and listen to this fantastic series to get to experience it all again!
Source: Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.
Bj's Reviews Rating


Author Info
Stacey Kennedy is the USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin series. Growing up, Stacey’s mind wandered the path less traveled, and that path most often led to love. She has always broken rules and she continues to feed off emotion—always staying true to her heart. Those traits are now the bones of her stories.
She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who puts any of the heroes in her books to shame, and their two young children. If she’s not on Mom duty or plugging away at a new story, you’ll find Stacey camping in the summer, hibernating in the winter, and obsessing over Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, and Sons of Anarchy.

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