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February 12, 2015

THE SECRET DNA CODE by Michael Don Fess


Michael Don Fess

August 8, 2014 12 - 18 12 - 12
Graduate students try to decode the history of the universe they think is encoded in our DNA. Fanatic fundamentalists learn of the project and try to stop them at any cost. The mystery, propelled by a foreign embassy, deepens as the FBI and the NSA become involved in trying to protect the researchers. A hired assassin keeps the action going fast and furious.
Several Archaeologists, Physicists, and Astronomers have theorized that a highly intelligent species came to our planet thousands of years ago, manipulated our genes to jump-start our civilization, and encoded the history of the universe in our DNA.
Recent successes with gene splicing and DNA encoding by research teams around the world have given new credibility to these theories. Graduate students in this novel, having curious minds, set out to decode that history using nano-technology and the help of a super computer at their university.
Islamic fanatics learn of this effort and realize the potential problems this research could create for their political control over millions of followers. They resolve to murder these researchers before they succeed in their ground breaking effort. In spite of the FBI and the NSA, the international alliance assassinates some of the participants in “The Secret DNA Code.”

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Michael Don Fess
 The author uses his physics degree and creative skills to spin a realistic thriller that bounces from Chicago back to Washington D.C.  As an artist and musician, he delights using creativity in almost every venue.  With this fifteenth published novel, he has earned quite a reputation for writing suspense and mystery stories.  His writing style pens accounts that are full of action and they entice the reader to turn the pages.  His other books are available at

The basis of the book is:  what if our history was written and stored in our DNA?  A totally different idea.  It makes you stop and think, could this be possible and what good would come from it? The author gives you various characters from FBI agents, Saudi Attaches and Grad Students who are the main characters in t he book.
 The  author wrote the book in a simple, easy way to read, taking the reader from one set to another set almost like someone was reading it to you instead of you reading it.  One thing I liked was the time and geographical stamps that they author put on each section.  You knew where you were and when you were there.  This kept the story in a timely order.  I only wonder why the author didn't out a date stamp along with the time and geographical stamps?It would have been nice to know when the story started and the dates when things happened.  The reader has no idea how long each setting took before the next one started. The book has a steady pace and really makes you stop and think about the DNA.  The book includes the U.S. Government Big Brother that helps to protect he Secret DNA code, death threats, intrigue, suspense and so much more.  If you like a steady paced SciFi read with all of the above, then get yourself a copy and read it.  It may make you wonder all about this DNA Code.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE SECRET DNA CODE form the author, Michael Don Fess for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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