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February 26, 2015



Altaire Productions Releases

poems by
Marie Slaight
charcoal drawings by
 Terrence Tasker

Product Details

(from Grace Cavalieri)

(from Altaire Productions)
The Antigone Poems is being released in an elegantly bound, print only edition and will be launched along with a major media push in January 2014, at which time Altaire
will also be releasing the artwork of Terrence Tasker as individual art prints.

This is the first collection of poetry by internationally published poet and Altaire founder Marie Slaight and stands as attribute to unknown artist Terrence Tasker, who died in 1992, at the age of 45. 

Co-founder of the original Studio Altaire in Montreal, Marie Slaight has worked in Montreal, New Orleans and Benos Aries as a writer, producer, and performer for film, tea tree ad music.  Her play, Random Shots,was produced at the Theatre Centre in Toronto.  She collaborated on a series of short films with Terrence Tasker and was an actor and creative consultant for National Film Board of Canada co productions.  Her poetry has appeared in American Writing, Pittsburgh Quarterly, Poetry Salzburg,the Abiko Quarterly,New Orleans Review and elsewhere.

Terrence Tasker (1947-1992) was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, the son of a lumberjack.  Raised in rural western Canada, he went on to become a self taught artist and filmmaker.  He made a series of short films. Steps, The Abortion and Echo which screened in New York and Toronto.  In 1981 he co -founded and built the original Studio Altaire, a 90 seat theater and visual art gallery that also ran after hours jazz concerts and poetry reading in downtown Montreal.  He worked as a set building for Montreal's Centaur Theatre, Toronto Free Theatre and others and film such as The Resurrected and Deep Sleep as well as working in construction, mining, finance, industrial installations, taxi driving and as a film projectionist.  He created the artwork for THE ANTIGONE POEMS in the 1970's while living in Montreal and Toronto.  Terrence died in 1992 at the age of 45.


"And sing/my bitter praises/to nails/and flint/ and flesh."

The first chapter opens with Antigone as a woman awakening through pain to her senses as well as her vulnerability and her power.

This illustrated collection of poems delves into the tragedy of Antigone, the defiant woman of Greek myth.  It is written in first person narrative, with five chapters with poems that explore the love, loss, passion and pain through Antigone's eyes.  I don't feel that Ms. Slaight has created a more modern retelling of the play.  I don't find these poems would be understood as a classic with a modern twist.  It all depends on how you read the book reviews and w hat you get from them.  Some are a little misleading.  Written in the 1970's, charcoal sketches of the same period accompany them.  The poems are lovely and from a brilliant mind. You can still enjoy the book even if you know nothing of Antigone.  The poems and quite lovely and very brilliant just at poem by poem.  As you turn the pages you find that you think hard on what they poems are saying to the reader.  The book is quite quick to read.  I was amazed at how morbid and yet very detailed, with rhyme that is littered through every poem even though it is a small collection of poems. I've dabbled in charcoal drawing a little so I found the drawing absolutely gorgeous.  They are a big part of the book.  The book is rather costly but it is worth it if nothing more than  he beautiful drawings.  In the end of  it all,  pick up a copy and read it.  Examine the drawing and you'll find you will mix the drawings with the poems.  The cover was wonderful.  It gave a lot to think about.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE ANTIGONE POEMS from the author, Marie Slaight and Tracee Gleichner from Pump Up Your Books for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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