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February 25, 2015

BONITA AVENUE by Peter Buwalda

(Warning: there are passages of explicit sexuality that may bother some readers.)


Peter Buwalda
Bonita Avenue
(from Goodreads)
Siem Sigerius is a beloved, brilliant professor of mathematics with a promising future in politics. His family—including a loving wife, two gorgeous, intelligent stepdaughters and a successful future son-in-law—and carefully appointed home in the bucolic countryside complete the portrait of a comfortable, morally upright household. But there are elements of Siem's past that threaten to upend the peace and stability that he has achieved, and when he stumbles upon a deception that’s painfully close to home, things begin to fall apart. A cataclysmic explosion in a fireworks factory, the advent of internet pornography, and the reappearances of a discarded, dangerous son all play a terrible role in the spectacular fragmentation of the Sigerius clan.

         A riveting portrait of a family in crisis and the ways that even the smallest twists of fate can forever change our lives, Bonita Avenue is an incendiary, unpredictable debut of relationships torn asunder by lies, and minds destroyed by madness.
Hardcover, 544 pages
Published January 13th 2015 by Hogarth (first published 2010)
original title,Bonita Avenue
ISBN 0553417851 (ISBN13: 9780553417852)
edition language,English

This story was translated from Dutch.  If you're looking for the same out there plots and timing, you won't find it here.   If you like to read some before the finale explodes, this isn't for you.  The story goes from one time to another and among character to character. Keep with it.  You will find the gaps will be filled.  It takes some thinking on this book.  It isn't laid straight out for you.  You have to think it through.  The book is written so well that it's hard to believe this is the author's first book. Major plot was revealed very early in the story and yet it still holds the interest of the reader.  Details will be revealed.  It just takes time. The reader will find a small web or twist, if you will, in the middle and near the end of the book.  Some readers will figure it out early but I didn't.  The author wrote an amazing book that took writing in a backward motion.
The setting is the 1980's to the 2000's and goes through recent history of Europe and the U.S.
The story follows an unhappy, complicated, messed up and very dysfunctional family by the name of Sigerius.
 It takes in topics such as judo, mental illness and the on-line porn traffic.The novel follows this unhappy family from the 1980s to the 2000s by which Buwalda masterfully captures recent history in both Europe and the US.
The title of the book BONITA AVENUE is the name of a street in Berkley, California where the family lived for two years.
If you would like to read a different approach to a book, then pick up a copy and put your mind to work.  Many of you may know of BONITA AVENUE.

I received a complimentary copy of BONITA AVENUE from the author, Peter Buwalda and Blogging for Books for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

Peter Buwalda is a Dutch writer. He was a journalist and an editor at several publishers. He was co-founder of literary music magazine Wah-Wah and wrote stories and essays for De Gids, Vrij Nederland, Bunker Hill and Hollands Maandblad. In September 2010 he made his debut with the novel Bonita Avenue. It received a magnificent reception and became a bestseller. It was awarded the Academica Debutantenprijs, the Selexyz Debuutprijs and the Tzumprijs and was nominated for nine awards including the AKO Literatuurprijs, the Libris Literatuur Prijs, the KANTL Proza Prijs, the NS Publieksprijs and De Gouden Strop 2011.

The translation rights were sold to countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France.


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