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January 25, 2015

SCRATCH by Paul Janson and Jeffrey Boragine


a young adult novel
of mystery and magic

Cat Silhouette 2 Clip Art

A Novel of Magic
Paul Janson
Jeffrey Boragine

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Gittie and Renie knew their cat was special, but they didn't know how special Onyx was until he started scratching sick people and then they were magically cured. When they tried to tell everyone what happened no one would believe them until it was almost too late.

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Paul JansonPaul is an emergency medicine physician practicing at Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence Massachusetts. He lives in Georgetown, MA with his wife of 40 years and two daughters. As he approaches retirement from medical practice he has become engaged in other pursuits, writing being among them. He has written a children’s picture book about the adoption of his daughters titled: The Child In Our Hearts and his first novel: Mal Practice, a mystery of medicine and murder has been given a Finalist Award by the IPNE (Independent Publishers of New England) in the 2014 Book Contest, Genre Fiction category. He is now opening a family business, an ice cream shop. He continues to write so watch for another novel soon, based on this business titled: The Ice Cream Wars. 
Cat Silhouette 2 Clip Art
 As I read this book, I found it a little different from other books.  It can be read by anyone but is mainly intended for young adults.  It is filled with family, excitement and some amazing animals.  The ER  is a busy place where people who have been scratched by cats end up.   Dr. Paul Janson is an ER physician.  When they end up in the ER, sometimes more serious illnesses are found which treatment may be gotten in time.   The cat is also able to change people so everything turns out OK in the end. The author brings out a number of things that always come up such as rules, homework, abuse, family, illnesses and what is happening in the police force. In this book we have two sisters who are in the sixth and seventh grade.  They are the heroines in the book.  5th graders and up should enjoy this wonderful read that the author, Dr. Paul Janson has given us.  A lot of people love cats so using the cat in the novel seemed perfect.   The book is short so it is a quick read.  I read it in one evening.  Lovely and fun book.  A magic book about how a cat could scratch a sick person and Wha La, they were cured. Looking for more books from this author.

I was given a complimentary copy of SCRATCH from the author, Dr. Paul Janson for my view of the book.  

I would give this book 5 CATS.
Cat Silhouette 2 Clip ArtCat Silhouette 2 Clip ArtCat Silhouette 2 Clip ArtCat Silhouette 2 Clip ArtCat Silhouette 2 Clip Art


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