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January 28, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: FLY GUYS - MONDAY MADNESS by Bobbi Thandi & Miss Emma Leverton



Vol. 1
Bobbi Thandi


Miss Emma Leverton 

Illustrator: Mr. Joe Sharpe 
(from Authoramp)

A new young children’s book, ‘Fly Guys: Monday Madness’ tells the fun story of two unlikely best friends, a fly called Fuzz and 5-year-old Alice.
Their mop-based adventure to the moon is brought crashing back to Earth when Alice’s Dad attempts to swat Fuzz. When Fuzz asks Alice why her Dad hates flies, the story takes a thoughtful turn and raises questions about difference, diversity and friendship.
The book’s creator Bobby Thandi said, “the book helps parents and teachers to broach the tricky subject of prejudice. The main challenge was writing a book that deals with prejudice in a fun yet effective way to engage children. I hope readers enjoy discovering the deeper meanings within the rhyming narrative. No child is born with prejudice and I’d love to keep it that way.”
Monday Madness is the first in a series of seven books, which will launch Fuzz and Alice on a new adventure each day of the week. As well teaching children the days of the week, the ending of the first book invites readers to use their imagination and submit ideas to help shape Fuzz and Alice’s next adventure.


Bobby Thandi – Creator of Fly Guys

Bobby_Avani_pr_f16220955235_449438c8bf_oBobby has a bold vision – he wants his daughter to grow up in a world free from prejudice. To do his part in making this vision become a reality he has created a book aimed at young children called ‘Fly Guys: Monday Madness’. The book helps parents and children to think about difference, diversity and friendship.
The book was inspired by conversations with his daughter Avani who was aged 3 at the time.
When he’s not working on Fly Guys, Bobby is VP Digital at Dubit. They create kids entertainment products for clients such as Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS KIDS and Cartoon Network.
Fly Guys:
Book Available in Paperback From Amazon:

Feedback so far has been extremely positive!

Mandip Sahota, Private Secretary to Minister of State at Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK Government:
“I loved this book. At a time when we hear reports of prejudice on the increase, the challenge is how to promote equality. Fly Guys is a fun story with a reassuring reminder – children are not born with prejudice. Bobby Thandi has definitely achieved something special here – a series that will help us all tackle prejudice one day at a time. Fuzz and Alice should be on every child’s bookshelf!”
 Stephanie Gauld, Children’s Digital Media Consultant, and former Head of Disney’s Club Penguin and Digital Publisher at Egmont:
“Fly Guys’ creator, Bobby Thandi, has an excellent understanding of this target reader-base and knows just how important building friendships and fitting in is to young children, in the process of forming their identities. This is a charming tale of diversity and acceptance… with fantastic illustrations to boot!”
 Maria O’Loughlin, Children’s TV Scriptwriter (CBBC, Discovery Channel, Disney Junior):
“I found ‘Fly Guys’ utterly charming! It strikes just the right balance between action, comedy and warmth to deliver a very important message about tolerance – something we need a lot more of in today’s world! I can’t wait to see what Bobby Thandi does with the rest of the series!”
Shahneila Saeed, Director of the Digital Schoolhouse (funded by The Mayor of London):
“With a layout and style that highly appeals to the younger audience, the book provides a strong message to promote diversity and the importance of friendship in a subtle but very effective way. Highly recommended.”
Thaddaeus Varey, Research Manager, BBC:
“Fantastic book! Can’t wait to see what is in store for Fuzz on Tuesday. I love the theme of a father learning to see things from a different perspective. And of course it is fun to rhyme out loud on any day of the week.”
Book Available in Paperback From Amazon:
For any other country simply search for ‘Fly Guys Monday Madness’ in Amazon.
Fly Guys
Email the Creator:
If you would like a copy of ‘Fly Guys: Monday Madness’ to read, review or feature, please contact Kris Barnes of Authoramp.
Bobby and Emma are also available for interviews and guest blogging.

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