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November 10, 2014

THE BEST BET by Hebby Roman

THE BEST BETbyHebby Roman
 The Best Bet
REVIEW : Professor Rafael Escobedo, who never seems to do anything wrong, hesitantly decides to stand in as his twin brother, who is a very high rolling person. He  wants to do this because he loves to gamble and this way he will get a lot of extras from the Casino. He knows he will have a hard time to be a self assured gambler let alone put doubts in the beautiful hospitality manager, Adriana de los Santos.  Soon Rafael sees that the casinos are not the only form of entertainment in Vegas. Wedding bells ring in Vegas too.  There are loss of wedding chapels. His determination is to get Adriana in one of them so that those wedding bells will ring.  Will that happen? What could possibly go wrong? The author wrote a suspenseful, entertaining and romantic read.  Well written and the cover is a great enticement to reading the book. Grab a copy and take an adventure with true love.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

From the Author

When I was writing THE BEST BET, I was in LOL mode for the first chapters of the book. I took an introspective, somewhat straight-laced professor, and had him impersonate his high- roller, super-stud identical twin in Las Vegas. Rafael, who is a San Antonio homeboy, is sooo lost when he's supposed to live the high life as his identical twin, Damian, that you just want to reach out and rescue him.

The scene where he "fakes" knowing how to bet on craps while the heroine, Adriana, looks on, is classic and crazy and fun!

And when other high rollers get too familiar with Adriana, who works as a guest relations host for a Las Vegas casino, Rafael reaches his own conclusions about her "true" vocation. And from there, it gets very sticky!

The characters are fun but heartfelt and their journey to true love will take you through highs and lows and in-betweens. I hope you enjoy their "trip" as much as they do, on their journey to finding unconditional love.

Hebby Roman


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