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July 18, 2014

The Story of Mayfair by Wetherell, Brown, Bradbury and illustrator, Millard

"The farther backward you can look,
The farther forward you are
to see." 
 (W. Churchill)

The Story of Mayfair from 1664 Onwards THE STORY OF MAYFAIR

Peter Wetherell
Erik  Brown
Oliver Bradbury
illustrator:Martin Millard



Peter Wetherell
Peter Wetherell at JM 040-Edit-Edit

SUMMARY (from Amazon)
The Story of Mayfair: From 1164 onwards, is a new book co-authored by Peter Wetherell, Erik Brown and Oliver Bradbury which looks at the social, financial and physical development of Mayfair, one of the world's most famous addresses over 350 years, with a fascinating final chapter reviewing the potential future of Mayfair up to 2030. With written contributions from leading Mayfair figures including Peter Vernon, Simon Reuben, Richard Caring, Sir John Ritblat and John Caudwell, the book provides a fascinating insight into the landowners, developers, residents, social changes, scandals and excesses of this most famous and luxurious of addresses. The book provides a dramatic insight into not only the unbelievable wealth and inward investment that has been poured over the decades by waves of "old and new money" (aristocrats, Royalty, dictators and tycoons) into the 285 acres (0.45 square miles) that form Mayfair, but also the incredible destruction and vandalism that has also destroyed several billion pounds (at today's values) worth of palaces, mansions and townhouses. Properties ruthlessly destroyed by the wrecking ball and bombing, victims of recessions, taxation and wars. As the book underlines, by 1851 Mayfair was an international destination, the address of choice of the very wealthy from both the UK and overseas. However this global visibility also meant that global matters including World Wars and international recessions had the ability to impact on the district. What is striking, is that in recent years Mayfair has been able to surpass even this, and become seen as a "safe haven" for global wealth seeking to avoid turbulence in other parts of the world.
 This book is a new book , The Story of Mayfair, 1146 onward. Mayfair is one of the most prestigious addresses known. The book takes a look at 350 years of social, financial and physical development of Mayfair. There is an interesting view into the landowners, the residents, developers along with the scandals and changes of this famous address. The wealth is unbelievable and the investments have been one after another for decades.  There was a mixture of old money and new money.  All different wealthy people investing money into the 285 acres that is Mayfair.  The story is also of the awful destruction that destroyed palaces, mansions and townhouses. The destruction was from recessions, taxation and wars.  Mayfair in 1851 was the place where the very wealthy from both the UK and overseas.  Included were World Wars and
 recessions that had a great impact on the Mayfair.  Amazingly, Mayfair is seen as a place of safety for the wealthy that are seeking to stay away from trouble in other parts of the world.
 What a remarkable book.  I had never heard of this famous address.  For so many years, during so much destruction and changes, it has endured and perhaps grown larger.  The illustrator did a wonderful job of adding photos and illustrations to the book to give a better insight into The Mayfair.  Everyone should read this amazing book.  This is truly a history lesson that will enlighten a lot of people, the wealthy, the poor, the educated, and the non-educated.  A wonderful lesson. This is perhaps a book that should be on library shelves everywhere.  Have you ever heard of THE MAYFAIR?

I was given a complimentary copy of THE MAYFAIR from the authors and NightOwlReviews for my view on the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



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