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June 15, 2014


Sometimes the current is the only thing that saves you.


“This story is not about suicide. But you should know that when I was seventeen, 
the only boy who ever called me by my full name took his own life. 
It was the first time I ever saw a mistake that was permanent, that couldn’t be undone 
with whiteout or atoned for with an after-school detention.” — Missy Keiser (excerpt)

For Missy Keiser, returning to Anna Maria Island, Florida, means two things: her mother made another poor decision with men, and Missy will have to reenter a world where she’s known as “Messy,” a social pariah who dared to have a crush on Sam King, the most popular boy in school.

But much has changed in the three years she’s been away. Missy’s next-door neighbor is no longer an elderly woman but Josh, an intriguing boy who seems genuinely interested in her. At school, she’s surprised to find few people remember who she once was. And any remaining taunts of Messy are silenced when Sam King gives her his nod of approval.

Just as things seem to be perfect, Josh’s sudden distance, her mother’s latest relationship implosion, and her brother’s strange behavior threaten to ruin it all. Missy is forced to decide between the boy she’s always wanted, a boy who is intent on trying to save her, and the brother she’s known all her life. And her decision could have consequences she can never undo.

Hardcover, 247 pages
Published September 23rd 2012 by Zondervan (first published September 4th 2012)
0310723590 (ISBN13: 9780310723592)
edition language
Anna Maria Island, Florida , 2012 (United States)

literary awards
American Christian Fiction Writer's "Genesis Award" for Best Young Adult Fiction, American Christian Fiction Writers 2013 "Carol

Nicole QuigleyNicole Quigley is the author of Like Moonlight at Low Tide, a winner of the American Christian Fiction Writers "Carol Award" for best young adult fiction. For more than a decade, Nicole worked as a public relations adviser in Washington, D.C. She holds a B.S. from Appalachian State University, where she majored in Communications/Public Relations and minored in English. Nicole recently moved back to Anna Maria Island, FL, where she grew up.

Humans have the habit of overlooking what they feel is uncomfortable or what they don't want to deal with.  We sometimes go through life with blinders on.  We look straight forward and anything in our way of comfort we choose to ignore.

 At a young age, Missy was bulled for the mere name she was given. She was known as "Messy" Missy. Bullies don't realize that they are hurting someone, sometimes, beyond repair.  It can do such damage to a person's self confidence and their own perception of who they are.  Sometimes it can hurt a person so bad that they contemplate suicide and some even follow through, especially our young  and teen agers.  That is a time when their confidence needs to be puffed up, not deflated.    Sometimes, even after the bully has ceased, for whatever reason, the  bullying continues.  Why?  Because we don't forget those terrible words, those hurtful words, so we continue to think that the bully was right.   It isn't the bully who is doing it  this time, it's the person that was bullied.  Sometimes we can hurt ourselves worse than  anyone else ever thought of. The issue of suicide can be  an end in some cases and the author shows that through a teen age girl, Melissa, nicknamed Missy, who has a mother who gets around and  a father who doesn't work .  Add that to bullying from kids at school or kids down the block or even adults and what do you have?  In the eyes of someone who is hurting, you have the possibility of suicide.  They just can't take it any longer.  They just want someone to care, someone to talk to who won't put them down.  The author brings out some ways that can be taken to  talk to someone, to let the hurt out and someone who cares in.   So we need not judge so harshly.  We have no idea what another person has or is going through.  Judgement can be extremely harsh and hurtful. The author tackled this subject with great tact and understanding.  The ending may be a surprise showing that if someone has faith, has a way to let the hurt out positively and a little maturity, it can be worked through.  Bullying doesn't have to take over anyone's life, but sadly it does sometimes.   Help in anyway you can to STOP THE BULLYING!

I was given a complimentary copy of LIKE MOONLIGHT AT LOW TIDE from the author, Nicole Quigley and Zondervan Publishing for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

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