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June 8, 2014



Adventures with Greening Man

James M. Wanless, Ph.D.

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I sat at my desk one day looking at all the stuff I was supposed to do and thought, "I can't keep doing this. I don't even want to." I got tired just thinking of it all. "This is boring and I'm frustrated. I can't wait until I go to sleep tonight. Time is running out. I can't even stand to look at my face full of jowl and wrinkle. I've gotten fat and my body is getting stiff and painful. I don't have the drive, the energy, the stamina. I think I'm depressed. I blew it. Where did all the years go? I'm old."

Desperate, I decided to ask the legendary, ever-renewing Green Man for help. All my life I have prided myself on being self-sufficient, that I can do it myself. But now my life feels stymied. I'll write him a letter, like kids write to Santa Claus. I know this seems absolutely crazy, I must be bonkers, but here it goes. Let's just see what happens. Maybe this will trigger some new ideas, perhaps a dream or a vision, or some kind of "what the bleep" channeling thing.

I will use one of my own notecards, the "Moon" archetype Card from my VOYAGER TAROT Deck. As I've written in one of my books, WAY OF THE GREAT ORACLE, "Hidden mysteries are probed and sounded out by your Moon-like nature. You have the ability to pick up vibrations, even the most distant and subtle."

Maybe I'm a "lunatic," but now is the time to walk my talk and "draw down the moon" for transmission.

Perhaps I have some kind of Celtic, Druid Priest "past life" remembrance of Green Man when and where his legend flourished. In my ORACLE book I write, "Tarot symbolic imagery – like the Moon – seeps into your subconscious and memory is jarred loose. The past is raised."
Like the wolves howling to the moon in the Moon Card, I will call out to the Green Man and let myself be heard. As the dolphins in synchronistic unity in the Card, I trust that we are in some kind of invisible synch over time and space.

 a visionary, a new thought leader, artist and educator:
A former Professor of Political Science with a Ph.D. from Columbia University, James Wanless is a rare combination of academic, entrepreneur, visionary, artist, corporate trainer, storyteller and counselor. He is a spirited speaker and futurist, delivering his talks with passion and humor, as he takes his listeners on a wild ride into the best of themselves. Wanless, creator of SUSTAIN YOURSELF CARDS and author of SUSTAINABLE LIFE: THE NEW SUCCESS, embodies and teaches the "sustain-abilities" - life skills for leadership, resilience, and inspired living at any age. He is a modern-day "Green Man," the ancient archetype of spring and perpetual renewal, and is producing a four-part series of e-books entitled ADVENTURES WITH GREENING MAN: MY MYTHIC MENTOR. An avid naturalist, he has authored, LITTLE STONE: YOUR FRIEND FOR LIFE. Internationally known as Captain Pick A Card, Wanless is the creator of the best-selling VOYAGER TAROT - a multi-cultural and wholistic map of life and fortune creation tool - along with other right-brain books and tools as a "corporate shaman" - INTUITION@WORK; WAY OF THE GREAT ORACLE; and STRATEGIC INTUITION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. Dr. Wanless has coached and counseled thousands of individuals and has taught and trained companies and organizations in the US and around the world to promote innovation, creativity, wise decision-making and personal growth by his "manifestation psychology" - THE FORTUNE FORMULA meditation and process. See him in action by his various talks on YouTube under James Wanless. 7o years-young, James is a resident of Marina del Rey, California.
I found this book a very heart warming book with inspirations that fill the entire body with warmth and hope. Mr. Wanless doesn't just write about nature and our surroundings.  He walks the talk.  As Mr. Wanless talks with the Greening Man he experiences the urge to find the green path.  This he does.  He has wisdom which he has gained through images, poetry and videos.  What he has experienced, he shares with others.

I believe this turn toward nature can be especially important to some of us.  I say some of us, because I don't believe everyone would accept our connection with nature..  I think that if our minds are in the right frame and we connect with nature, we will experience a wholeness, a peace and the ability to want to succeed and therefore, do so.  Not always, but even in the Greening World, we don't always succeed.  There are to be failures, but if we're in that connection, we will be more able to stop and think of the failure and figure out why it happened and how to possibly resolve. it. Mr. Wanless brings out the Deadlies, that being shadows that hold us back and how we can move forward .  Mr. Wanless and his talks with the Greening Man states that we are nature.  We don't just go outside and say, Gee, I'm out in nature.  That isn't what it's all about.  Everyone is accountable for what he does and says.  I think it takes time to let ourselves come to nature and believe that we are one in the same.  I also believe that not everyone would even consider that this could be true.  I believe it's only those who are willing to open their minds fully and let nature enter out hearts and minds.  I'm not sure that there are too many people these days that would be willing or able to do so.  I say, able, because, if you don't let loose of some of those Deadlies, then nature can't enter.  A lot of people in this fast paced, sometimes cruel world are not about to believe this is possible.

I was given a complimentary copy of ADVENTURES WITH GREENING MAN from the author, James M. Wanless for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS for those who connect with nature.


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