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May 23, 2014

WHITE GIRL IN LA CASA by Christa Jeanne

Can this white girl survive in La Casa?
(from back cover)

Christa Jeanne
Paperback, 220 pages
Published January 25th 2014
ISBN 1495349993

(from Amazon)
After being dumped by the last bad boy she’s ever going to date, Calliope meets her Hispanic prince charming. Peter Delgadillo is the perfect gentleman, sure, but he’s also extremely easy to look at with a flirtatious grin, naturally tanned skin that just radiates over gorgeous muscle, and the potential to be Calliope’s passionate Latin lover who whispers sweet Spanish nothings into her ear. Hmmm. If only she could convince him that she is his Caucasian love goddess. However, Peter wants to remain in the ‘just amigos’ category. Well, that is until a pipe bursts and they are forced to stay with Peter’s mother. He confesses that in order to ease his mother’s ailing heart, they need to act like a couple in love. Pretend to adore one another? Play the part of the adorable girlfriend while getting to touch, fondle, cuddle and cozy up to the man that she’s been madly in love with for years? No problemo! However, nothing is getting past Peter’s mother, Margarita, who is not fond of the new white girl who doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t know the culture and doesn’t eat meat! With quite the language barrier and culture shock, Calliope struggles to keep her end of the bogus relationship bargain especially when she begins to realize that their friendship may break her heart. Oh, and then there’s Peter’s brother, Eddie, who threatens to blow the secret wide open because he knows it’s all an act. With a love triangle right out of a Spanish novella, Calliope tries to figure out what’s real and what isn’t so her heart won’t take another blow. One white girl, one fake boyfriend who should be The One, one ice cold Margarita who’s determined to drive her out and the one guy who knows it’s all a sham. It’ll be a wonder if this white girl will survive in la casa…

Christa JeanneChrista Jeanne lives in Southern California, which means at any given moment, she is likely sitting in traffic somewhere. When she isn't writing her latest romantic comedy and making herself laugh by throwing her characters in silly situations and hoping they end up falling in love, she's running her three ring circus at home with her two kids and her adorable husband (who totally fed her this line). She loves writing about the funnier side of love and would love to hear from you!


I found this book extremely funny.  It was nice for a change to read a book that was light and funny, enough to make you smile and laugh.  The book was rather a fast read. I think that was because it wasn't full of sadness and so much detailed descriptions.  You could just read and enjoy, instead of having to keep track of every character and what they are doing.  The characters were the best, absolutely right for the book.  We have Calliope, a vegan.  Then there was Eddie, let me just say I will let you find out about Eddie.  I loved him.
Margarita and Cali were constantly going back and forth with some really funny conversations.  It might remind you of your own family. The things the family did were fun.  Some reminded me of my own family. I feel that is why the book is so good.  It's real, just  the life of a person trying to make it. Then we have Peter who was a real jerk who thought only of himself.  Pure selfish.  He was just his own screwed up self.  He was honest. I just don't think he knew any better.
I found that the laughter from this book immediately eased some of the tension that builds up in all of us.  What a lovely, calming, exciting read.  The author did all of us readers a favor by writing this.  It made the reader laugh.  None of us laugh enough.  Laughter eases the tension and stress that can engulf us.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a light, enjoyable, laughable, stress relieving read.  Now that about covers it all.  No one should miss out on this book.

I was given a complimentary copy of WHITE GIRL IN LA CASA by Christa Jeanne from Pump Up Your Book Virtual Tours for my honest view.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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