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May 21, 2014

THE MITING by Dee Yoder

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Pages: 304
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Kregel Publications


Dee Yoder

An Old Order Amish Novel

Leah is seventeen and Amish. Like many her age, she has lots of questions, but the temporary flight of freedom known as rumspringen is not the answer for her. She does not desire Englisher fashion, all-night parties, movies, or lots of boyfriends. Leah is seeking to understand her relationship with God, to deepen and broaden her faith by joining a Bible study hosted by an ex-Amish couple. She wants to know why Amish life is the only lifestyle her family accepts, why the church has so many rules, and . . . most disturbing, how godly men can allow her best friend to be abused in her own home.
In the pressure-cooker environment of church and family, Leah is not allowed to ask these questions. When finally she reaches the breaking point, she walks away from the Old Order Amish life that is all she has known. Though adapting amiably to the Englisher world, Leah is tormented with homesickness. Returning to the community, however, entails a journey of pain and sorrow Leah could never have imagined.
The miting—shunning—that will now be Leah’s unendurable oppression every day is beyond her most devoted attempts to believe or understand. All the bishop and her family ask is that she abandon her practice of reading the Bible. Is that a price she is willing to pay?

Editorial Reviews


“If your heart is filled with love for the Amish people as well as those who leave the culture, then you need to read this book. The Miting is not just another bonnet book. . . . You’ll read about hearts that were once tightly knit together as family and community, but are now strained, confused, and broken. . . . You will be blessed and drawn into a world that many are becoming more and more aware of.” (Joe Keim, founder and director of Mission to Amish People, 2014-10-01)

“Rarely have I read an Amish novel that so truthfully shares what Amish life is really like when someone questions the faith. . . . The Miting is a heart wrenching story that pulls you in, then leaves you anticipating and hoping for a next.” (Naomi Mullet Stutzman, author of A Basketful of Broken Dishes 2013-10-01)

“The Miting is an enlightening story of heartache and love, sacrifice and faith—one that made me consider what I’d be willing to do to be true to my God, my Savior, and my beliefs.” (Sharon Gillenwater, author of The Callahans of Texas series 2014-10-01)

“An honest portrayal of a slice of Amish life that many have not seen revealed. A breath of fresh air. Readers will empathize with Leah, a young Amish girl determined to live her faith at whatever the cost." (Alice J. Wisler, author of Rain Song and Still Life in Shadows 2014-10-01)

This book is not only about the Amish people who stay with their faith but those that " jump the fence."  This book is not your typical Amish read. It's an education in what actually happens when a person "jumps the fence" and goes Englisch and changes their ways completely. The Old Order Amish is a life where God comes first above all. There are sacrifices to be made and rules to follow. They are true to their ffaith and they love just like we do. They live a certain way, doing without a lot of the modern conveniences of the Englisch way of living. Once an Old Order Amish decides to take that walk away from the traditions and rules that have been followed for generations; emotional turmoil begins in everyone"s heart.  Once united as one as a family, they become shunned sometimes from never seeing their community and most of all their family.  That closely knitted family unravels with, hurt and confusion.  The author didn't write just another Amish book but an interesting, educational and heart warming novel.  You will learn a lot about the Amish if you read this book. Amish living isn't the perfect life that we all believe it is.  It does have a "dark" side just like our own Englisch lives.

I wold recommend this book to everyone.  It's a different kind of Amish read.  Anyone who loves Amish books will find this one different but just as good.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE MITING by Dee Yoder from Kregel Blog Tours for my personal view.   No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


About the Author

Dee Yid's fiction is based on the lives of her former-Amish friends. She is actively involved in the Mission to Amish People minsitry as a mentor, volunteer, and author. In addition to writing over eighty short stories, her coming-of-age novel, The Powerful Odor of Mendacity, won the FaithWriters Page Turner contest in 2011. Dee lives in central Ohio. Few people, besides Dee Yoder, would even be able to write a book like this. Here is why: Not only did she marry Arlen, from Amish descent, but she is very much involved with our organization, Mission to Amish People. Dee and her husband, Arlen, have made it their purpose in life to come alongside those who have already left their Amish families and community and want to start over in our English society. Dee knows what it's like to sit next former Amish youth and weep with them because they long for their parents and family back home. She knows what it feels like to sit next to a hospital bed during tragedies and celebrate GED accomplishments. On many occasions, Dee and Arlen have opened their home to birthday parties, prayer meetings and Bible studies; yes, and even film crews from NYC and as far away as England. 

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