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May 23, 2014

THE DARK AFFAIR by Marie Claremont


The Victorian era was full of majestic beauty and scandalous secrets... a time when corsets were the least of woman's restrictions, and men could kill or be killed in the name of honor.
(from back cover)



Marie Claremont
(author of Lady in Red)

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Headline Eternal
  •  (March 4, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1472204794
  • ISBN-13: 978-1472204790

(from Amazon)
Lady Margaret Cassidy left a life of nobility behind in Ireland, forsaking her grieving homeland to aid war-ravaged men in England. Still, she never expected a cruel turn of fate to lock her into an unwanted betrothal with one of her English patients—much less one as broken and dangerous as Viscount Powers.

Wrecked by his tragic past, Powers’ opiate-addled sanity hangs precariously in the balance, leaving him poised to destroy anyone who dares to utter the names of the wife and child he still so deeply mourns. So when he is forced to marry Margaret in exchange for freedom, he is shocked by the desire to earn her trust, her body, and—most alarming of all—her heart…


Maire Claremont

RT Reviewer's Choice Winner for Best First Historical, Máire Claremont, first fell in love with Mr. Rochester not Mr. Darcy. Drawn to his dark snark, she longed to find a tortured hero of her own. Until she realized the ramifications of Mr. Rochester locking his first wife up in the attic. Realizing the errors of her ways, Maire now looks for a real life Darcy and saves her deliciously dark heroes for the pages she writes.

If you haven't read LADY IN RED you might want to start with that book.  The end of LADY IN RED left the reader wanting to know more about Powers' story.  Powers was a real jerk, using opium to forget the deaths of his wife and child.   But when he was around Mary, there was a glimpse of a different Powers.  The author showed where he wasn't such a bad ass.  I hoped that he saw that Mary was the right one for him.  I hoped that Mary could help him fix the extreme sadness in his broken heart.
Powers' father had had him committed to an insane asylum. His father was hoping this would help him save himself.  Lady Margaret will help him get through him opium addiction.  Lady Margaret was born an Irish lady. She found herself helping men who had been torn by the devastating war.
Powers didn't exactly fill that bill but she made it her goal to help him move away from the life of drugs, booze and street fighting.  Things take a turn when Powers' father presents her with a proposition which is rather odd.
I didn't like this at all but, a marriage of convenience was on it's way.   The Earl wants Lady Margaret and his son to wed.  The Earl is looking for someone to care for his son and at the same time give him the heir that his title requires.
I wanted her to say  no, but she agreed .  Her brother needed the help  that the Earl's money could provide.  Will this just be a marriage of convenience or will it become more?
 Powers' struggle with withdrawals made the story so believable .  Drug withdrawals are not a walk in the park.  The author made the reader feel as though you were there with him and struggling right along side of him.  He struggled not only with drug addiction, but letting himself go and love Lady Margaret.  He had such a hard time feeling at all.  All he felt was self pity.  Another thing I liked about the book is that you could never know what would happen next.  It had me turning the pages as I wanted to know what was next.

Powers' was the main character in the book but I found myself liking Margaret.  She was a strong woman, a lady in all sense but never afraid to bring out that solid strength without losing her dignity.
The book contained a little romance but to me, not enough.  I was a little sad when the book ended.  I wanted more of Powers and Margaret. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves, adventure, a little romance, sacrifice , heart-break, and intensity.  The author wrote a book where the reader actually took in every page and loved it. The author proves herself as one that you keep on your shelf for reading again. She has given us a story of Victorian society, not just writing of the good things but putting in some of the unnerving parts of the story.  The author leaves us with good vs. evil and has us turning the pages to finding out which one is victorious. She did have parts that I wish were different, like the marriage of convenience, even though it turned out alright. I absolutely loved the cover.  Absolutely beautiful.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE DARK AFFAIR by Marie Claremont  from Night Owl Reviews for my honest view.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 3.5  STARS.



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