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May 24, 2014

SCHISM by Michael Phillip Cash

The Battle For Darricia
Book  One
Michael Phillip Cash

The Battle for Darracia (Schism, #1)
Paperback, 204 pages
Published December 5th 2013 by Createspace
  (first published November 30th 2013)
ISBN 149357244X
 (ISBN13: 9781493572441)
series Schism #1
ForeWord Reviews 
2013 Book of the Year Award
Science Fiction
Winner 2nd Place for Science Fiction from Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards 2013!

(from Amazon)
On the planet Darracia, an ever-widening social gap between its inhabitants is causing turmoil that is fracturing a once peaceful world. Struggling with his identity, nineteen year old Prince V'sair must harness the power of the elusive Fireblade, the secret to a warrior's heart, in order to overcome his uncle Staf Nuen's lust for supremacy. Will the energy of the Elements guide the young prince to his true destiny or will Staf Nuen conquer Darracia?

After the success of his first three books (Brood X, Stillwell, and The Hanging Tree) Michael Phillip Cash is fulfilling a dream and creating his own epic fantasy world. Schism: The Battle for Darracia is the first book in a planned series.

I have been a fan of Mr. Cash, having read BROOD X, STILLWELL, THE HANGING TREE, and now SCHISM.  I'm now working on  the second book of THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA, COLLISION.  I don't normally care for sci fi stories, but Mr. Cash writes with such passion and imagination in his stories that I have become a fan of his books.
SCHISM takes place on a fictional planet with fictional characters.  I had a bit of trouble with the chracters' names.  But that is what sci fi brings you.  A different world which means a diversion from reality.
I think the average reader has to enter this sci fi world of SCHISM with an open mind.  Remember it is sci fi.  A look into the possible future.  In order to do that the reader has to let go of reality, (just while reading the book) and shift into another world, another time.
Even though the book is fiction, is there just a remote possibility that it could happen?  Remember, keep that mind open.  If the readers don't do that, then what is the point of reading any sci fi at all?  None.
The author put you right there in the setting, in this other world that he created.  Once you start reading you forget everything else, except going further into Michael Phillip Cash's sci fi thriller world.
I feel when a book makes the reader's imagination start working then it is a good book.  Such much of the time these days, adults don't use their imagination and especially children.   Imagination is the start of great things to come.
I would recommend this book and all of the other books of Mr. Cash's.  They make that mind work.  They let you escape reality for just a short while and they give the reader the possibility that this may happen.

I was given a complimentary copy of SCHISM from the author, Michael Phillip Cash for my viewpoint.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

Michael Phillip Cash
Born and raised on Long Island, Michael has always had a fascination with ghosts, horror and fantasy writing.  Earning a degree in English and an MBA, he has worked various jobs before settling into being a full time author.  He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.

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