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May 31, 2014

FORCED TO LOVE by Sky Alexander

Historical Romance Series
The Fires of Love and Hate
Sky Alexander

 Forced to Love A
 Title: Forced to Love
Author: Sky Alexander
Publisher: Rising Phoenix Inc.
Pages: 140
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Format: Kindle

FORCED TO LOVE is the newest book in Sky Alexander’s series The Fires of Love & Hate (Historical Romance Collection).
“Inspiration can come from anywhere, but nothing is more uplifting and irresistible to me as a new Sky Alexander novel. This is one of my new favorites, (with FORCED TO LOVE) Sky Alexander shows his unique writing style that reminds us of how great historical romance and western romance can be written that reminds you of classics but with new addictive twists that are uplifting and intriguing in The Fires of Love & Hate (Historical Romance Collection). Hattie really shows that through thick and then love for your family is one of the most important things.” ~Heather Goodreads
“FORCED TO LOVE is spell-bounding and one of my new favorite historical romance stories that is sure to be around for a long time. You must read this!” ~ Juanita Goodreads

Hattie Morran is a poor dirt farmers daughter in Missouri. Suddenly Hattie finds that her life is changed in the blink of an eye and she is forced to love Abner Garland. Now her Western Romance which is purely a fa├žade for show and to save her family will soon come to an end.

“But what about their anger?” Hattie asked. “Jess and Abner will be furious.”
“Furious doesn’t even begin to describe how they’re going to react. Even though I probably shouldn’t, I am going to set them up with handsome allowances. What can they do? I’m of sound mind. So, Miss Hattie, when you marry Abner, I will give you nine-tenths of my fortune, and the remainder will be yours at my death.”

From the moment that you are brought into the book you will be immediately part of the western romance in the middle of the south. The Fires of Love & Hate Series will keep you right in the middle of a tale that is based on some true and historical events. This Historical Romance series is sure to be you’re new favorite.

THE Fires of Love & Hate series:
Book 1: Forced to Love (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 2: Falling into Love (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 3: Hate to Love (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 4: Death of Love (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 5: Romancing the Heart (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 6: Whirl Wind Romance (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 7: Forgiving Romance (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 8: Broken Promises (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 9: Shattered Dreams (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 10: The Price of Intrigue (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 11: On Course with Destiny (Historical Romance Collection)
Book 12: Confessions of the Heart (Historical Romance Collection)

Author's Note: While Forced to Love can easily be read as a stand-alone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other Fires of Love & Hate books, too.    
As soon as I started reading I couldn't stop.  I found it really interesting that I was reading a story based on the author,, Sky Alexander's own family.  This is a wonderful book.  The Historical Romance Collection is great if read in sequence, but the books are stand alones also.  I found this book to be a great novel about Hattie and her life.  The reality of the events and characters makes the novel even more interesting.  The book is well written and from page one you are drawn into the author's life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romances.  It is a great book that is a keeper and will be on my bookshelf for some time to come.  I'm sure I will read it again and hopefully some of the other books in the series.

I was given a complimentary copy of FORCED TO LOVE by Sky Alexander from Pump Up Your Book Publicity Tours for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 Flowers,
Sky Alexander
Sky Alexander was born in Utah and raised in both Utah and California, Sky has been writing for many years and enjoys spending time with his family as well as staying up on the newest technology. Sky is a single father of 2 little boys, Lucas & Matthew, and lives in Idaho. He has a degree in Network Engineering and is currently finishing a degree in Software Engineering. Sky is currently working on two different series “The Fires of Love & Hate” (A Historical Romance series) & “Aspen Falls” (Action Adventure, Thriller series).

From the Author

"My fortune, my dear, is mine to do with as I please.  It is not Jess's money nor is it Abner's, and it would please me immensely to give everything to you.  I can only imagine the pleasure it will bring me to see my fortune in the hands of a beautiful and intelligent young woman like yourself."
"But Mrs. Garland .  .  . ," Hattie tried to protest.
"Now, you listen to me, Miss Hattie.  There are a few things we need to get straight, right now.  From now on you're going to have to call me either Mother or Rebecca, but not Mrs. Garland.  And from this moment, Hattie, it's going to be you and me. .. against them.  We'll play this 'man's game' with Jess and Abner, and by all that is holy, we'll win! When you marry Abner and become my daughter-in-law, there isn't a court in the land in which they could challenge what I've done and win."
"But what about their anger?" Hattie asked.  "Jess and Abner will be furious."
"Furious doesn't even begin to describe how they're going to react. Even though I probably shouldn't, I am going to set them up with handsome allowances.  What can they do?  I'm of sound mind.  So, Miss Hattie, when you marry Abner, I will give you nine-tenths of my fortune, and the remainder will be yours at my death."

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