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February 10, 2014


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Ilustrations by Monica Gurevich
Design by Julie Metz (Goodreads Author)

Paperback, 154 pages
Published December 17th 2013
Sparkpress (a Booksparks Imprint)
ISBN 0989315991
 (ISBN13: 9780989315999)
(from Goodreads)
The Runaway Daughter made’s list of 7 hot YA books for 2014. You can check it here:
Kamada, Tara's daughter, lives in a world of magic. A world of gremlins, fairies, an airavata-a spotless white elephant with four tusks and seven trunks-and talking magical entities shield her from a society where strange men act like they own the women walking down the street and where her mother sells her body in exchange for a life of luxury. Kamada knows she doesn't belong here. She is on a mission to escape the dirty streets of gritty Bombay and her mother's house, which feels like a prison. Only her magical friends, a parrot astrologer who tells of the future, and a neighboring family know that her dream is to leave home to study in America. As she plans her escape, Kamada's world is turned upside down when her mother reveals a secret and she must struggle to get the education she envisions.
authorJuliet Philip loves magic, white feathers, faeries, sweet wine, the sound of the rain, glowworms, ponies, majestic elephants, fresh coffee, waterfalls, real castles, air castles, rainbows, butterflies, blowing bubbles, chocolate, deep belly laughs, the smell of wet earth, and creating things. She likes to make books, drawings, doodles, banana bread, fish curry in coconut milk, silly randomness, magic, and connections with people and the universe. Her stories are based in enchanting India because she grew up there. Juliet lives with her husband in Herndon, Virginia.
. She believes in infusing each of her creations with all the positive energy that she can manifest. 
She leads a self-sustainable, simple (yet busy!) life and is so very excited to share her everyday magic with you all.
You will find some of the magical items on her projects page.  More coming soon!  Please contact her at if you are interested in knowing more about something or simply want to connect!
She also loves to feel inspired and inspire people so if you are feeling like finding your own inspiration or want to inspire her, please do connect.
Fairy grace and pixie dust!

Original cover and title.
I found it hard to get myself into the book.  It was a rather fast read.   I can't say I really enjoyed it. It was interesting enough, about a girl Kamada and her life.  A coming of age story. The mother was a prostitute who got paid well for  her talent.  I found it rather sad and uncaring of the mother to want Kamada to follow in her footsteps.  Kamada's life is a hard and difficult life.  Kamada is smart and has an active imagination. She is protected and cared for by servants.  The thing she wants is for her mother to be a loving mother, which she isn't.  Another unfortunate thing is that Kamada doesn't know who her father is.
In Kamada's life there were two worlds.  The world she imagined and then of course, the real world. I did find it humorous that there was talking cauliflower and green ticks to show her the right way.  Kamada even gave nicknames to some of them. She was living in an imaginary world of gremlins, fairies and talking plants and bugs.
The author gives you a taste of life in India and Kamada's desire to leave the over crowding, dirty city and the life her mother lives and wants her to live. She has been making plans to leave Bombay, India, but will she do it?  There's a secret that her mother eventually tells Kamada and that sealed the dream to leave.
The book was rather hard for me to read. I kept getting off track once in a while what with all the imagination going on. I suppose the imagination of Kamada made her life a little more bearable.  What with a mother that doesn't love nor act like a mother, and  the city in itself. I began to think Kamada may have been on the edge between sanity and insanity. Either way she is bent on living out her dream.  I did like her strong will that she WOULD leave Bombay.  This to me was an extremely sad story of a girl who was lonely, needed love, and used her imaginative world as an escape.
I would recommend this book to readers who like magical worlds and and coming of age stories.  This book just wasn't for me.  Everyone has different tastes, so grab yourself a copy and make your own decision.  This is not a keeper for me.
I would give this book 3 FLOWERS.
I was given a complimentary copy of RUNAWAY DAUGHTER by Juliet Philip from  BookSparks for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.

You can learn more about her at or her author page

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