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January 13, 2014


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An Alexis J. Smith Mystery
E.E. Smith

Death by Misadventure
Publisher: Phoenix International, Inc.

(from Goodreads)
The sign on her office door reads "ALEXIS J. SMITH - Discreet Inquiries, but a new client of her fledgling detective agency seems to think it means Murder Incorporated. The client, one Kate Faraday, is a former schoolmate (Sacramento High, class of '41) who wants to hire Lexie to find her husband, Frank. During their initial interview it becomes clear that she doesn't want him back "dead or alive," she wants him dead!

If it were anyone else, the intrepid young private investigator would never have taken the job, but there is a problem. Lexie herself has been in love with Frank ever since they were all together in high school. She makes a desperate decision to find him and warn him of his wife's mad intentions.

She travels to England and finds Frank staying at a country inn called The Old Vicarage, next to a little Norman church still haunted by a 12th Century ghost. What she discovers reveals a woman bent on vengeance, not only on her husband, but on Lexie, as well. Are they both marked for murder? How all this plays out, and culminates in a shoot-out at The Old Vicarage, is the climax of the story -- but not the end.

This book is the first in a series featuring Alexis J. Smith. Alexis J. Smith is way beyond her time.  In the 1940's, women didn't work. They sure didn't become detectives.War Widow Alexis has a dream and when her husband dies during the war, she wants to follow that dream.
War Widow Alexis is late for work at "Discreet Inquiries".  She finally gets to work and there is someone waiting for her, a Mrs. Kate Farraday.  Alexis doesn't recognize Mrs. Farraday until she tells her that she is her high school friend, Katie O'Toole.  Kate is trying to find her missing husband, Frank, who Alexis loved six years ago. Frank had run of to England  a year ago and took their 5 year old daughter, Daisy with him.  Kate doesn't only want him found but killed.  She offers Alexis quite a bit of cash for her services.
Alexis is afraid if she doesn't take the case, Kate will hire someone who will kill Frank. Alexis isn't going to kill Frank but she takes of to England in a hurry hoping to find Frank before Katie does.
Frank is found at the Old Vicarage Inn, next to St. Peter's Church  that is supposedly haunted by a 12th century ghost. Alexis has had help from "The Yard", an investigator named Harry. Alexis not only found Frank but discovered that Kate is out for blood, not only Frank's but hers too.
It seemed odd to me that Alexis didn't recognize her best friend from high school. What is really going on with Kate and Frank? Is the inn actually haunted? I believe that Alexis will become a character to follow in upcoming sequels.  I wonder if Alexis will find romance? I'd like to know more about the ghost, Wouldn't you??
The author, Ms. Smith wrote a mystery with some history and a little charm.  The book is more like a cozy since it has no violence or bad language. I would recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries, crime, detective or for just a good read.

The ghost is "real" and still haunts St. Peter's Church and the Old Vicarage Inn next to it.  The ghost has been seen by many throughout the centuries.

I would give this book 4  SPY GLASSES.

I was given a complimentary copy of DEATH BY MISADVENTURE by E.E.Smith from Break Through Promotions for my unbiased opinion.

E.E. Smith

 Evelyn Eileen Smith resides in the San Francisco Bay area and an award winning playwright of more than a dozen plays including Playtime in London; Boardinghouse Stew; Wartime Recipes; The Temperate Zone (based on Edith Wharton's short story); Ghost Writers (based on two stories by Wharton and Henry James), among many others. Her plays have been performed throughout the country. A New Edition of her first novel, Boardinghouse Stew, along with the sequel, Times Like These, was published in the fall of 2011 by Phoenix International, Inc. A memoir, In Love and War, followed in 2012. in which Ms. Smith shares her experiences as a young bride during the Korean War and how life decisions made in haste impacted her entire life. A new series of murder mysteries debuted in 2013. The first is titled Death by Misadventure. 

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