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October 26, 2013

THE LAST NEANDERTHAL CLAN by Lisa Lareau and Charlie Boring

The Last Neanderthal Clan: Raka of the Last Neanderthal Clan



Raka of the Last Neanderthal Clan
Lisa Lareau and Charlie Boring

As Humanity Evolves, Two Competing Species Struggle for Survival!!!!
       (from back cover)   

(from Goodreads)
 As Humanity Evolves, Two Competing Species Struggle for Survival! Lisa M. Lareau and her father Charlie Boring share a lifelong interest in prehistoric civilizations. Lisa grew up listening to Charlie's tales about cave-dwelling clans, and the characters in those stories have been developed and expanded in The Last Neanderthal Clan. Charlie and Lisa live in Virginia, but have traveled extensively in Europe, where they set their novel. They hope that you enjoy reading their novel as much as they enjoyed writing it.

THE LAST NEANDERTHAL CLAN brings you a combination of Fiction, Fantasy and History. It is a most interesting story about pre historic people. The authors seem to have done some extensive research on this book even though it is fiction.  It appeared that the era was described very well. Thousands of years ago. after the earth had  been in a hard freeze, the  earth began to warm, glaciers began to melt and the rivers ran strong  and full.  The ice no longer kept the clans from leaving to explore lands unknown to them. As the book opens the Neanderthals, known as the southern clans were struggling to just survive. This clan is slowly disappearing. For many years the strong Neanderthals ruled the northern part of the European countryside.  They hunted and gathered their food.  The population in the clan grew. That was to change as the Cro-Magnon clans , the northern clans, arrived.   The strongest clan  of the Cro-Magnons  was the Nord Clan.  They believe in hunting and killing. Some of the northern clans even resort to cannibalism.  This meant that the Neanderthal clan have a new and dangerous foe.  The Cro-Magnons could threaten their very existence.The Nord Clan leader, Carni fathers a child with a Neanderthal woman.  He leaves her and his child with her Neanderthal clan.  The Nord Clan was searching for slaves, Neanderthal slaves. As time goes on, the Neanderthal child, Raka is left to lead his clan, what there is of it, to find new grounds for hunting and to get away from the  northern clans. This journey was a fight for survival.  They encountered many trials which threatened their survival. Raka had another worry.  Would the Cro-Magnon clan follow them to their new land?  Will they be in search again for a place that is safe.? Published August 16th 2013 by Outskirts Press. I think the authors did a wonderful job of giving us an adventure with the "cave men".  The writing was very descriptive and the story flowed nicely.  The only thing I didn't care for was the part about the modern day anthropologist.  I think the book didn't need it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I believe I will read it again after a while.  So pick up a copy of THE LAST NEANDERTHAL CLAN and sit back for an adventure into the lives of the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal clans.   Oh, by the way, don't forget your club.

I gave this book 5 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE LAST NEANDERTHAL CLAN by the authors, Lisa Lareau and Charlie Boring for my unbiased review.

Lisa Lareau is the daughter of her co-author, Charlie Boring. She is a professional analyst that developed an interest in story telling from the stories her father told her as a young girl. The stories were of cavemen and women and the animals that roamed the earth with them. Charlie Boring contributed ideas that led Lisa to write "The Last Neanderthal Clan." 
 Author Charlie Boring was born on November 16, 1943 in Bridgeport, Texas, and grew up in the small town of Anson. From the age of eleven and through his college years, Boring worked in the “ice” business with his father and then at the ice plant in Abilene. After college, he entered the U.S. Army and attended various schools, including the Field Artillery Officer Candidate School at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma where he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

In 1967 Boring was sent to Italy, where he served in a Sergeant Missile Battalion. It was there that he met and married Marisa Bazzan, a union that gave birth to three children: Eric, Richard and Lisa, and infused Italian flavorings into the Boring Family cuisine. Boring retired in 1993, after serving in the U.S. Army for a total of twenty-seven years. Boring and his family now live in Fairfax, Virginia, where he works as a manager and investigator—a job that keeps him on the road to many foreign countries.

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