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October 6, 2013

NEMISIS by Steven Nedelton





(pen name: Ned Stevens)

Nemesis (A Suitcase Mystery, 2)
Published June 28th 2013 by Createspace


‘Nemesis’ is the Part II, the ending of ‘A Suitcase Mystery’ thriller. In a few words—a deadly secret is found in a suitcase full of stolen gold. Years later, it leads to a series of unexplainable murders while the FBI hunts for a top foreign killer spy. The story starts in Latvia, near Riga, during the final days of the Second World War. A young boy Ben Kalninsh searches an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen guns the soldiers hid inside. Unfortunately for him, he meets an AWOL Soviet Army officer on the run instead. The officer is involved in a theft of a large amount of gold from one of his superiors and had it hidden inside the same tunnel. Unknown to him, one of the valises holds also a diary with top Soviet secrets related to espionage in the US. And so, by entering the tunnel, Ben sets into motion deadly events which will follow him into his adult life. Years later, in Minnesota, his father is gunned down. And no one knows why. FBI agents approach Ben with the news of the murder of his father. Special Agent Miriam Dokes and Agent Book are assigned to the case which includes the torture and murder of his father’s doctor friend, Karlis Goulbis. The FBI manager, Bob Sawyer, has a hunch there's something much more valuable than the stolen gold. Due to so many secret projects and so many years gone by, the affair becomes the proverbial search for a "needle in a haystack". In order to find the answers, Ben, the principal character, needs to go back to Switzerland, to a bank where the gold is hidden. And, from there on, Death stalks Ben and all other participants in the gold heist. Nemesis provides the denouement of the story.

This book is Part II of A SUITCASE MYSTERY SERIES.  This book picks up where the first book, A SUITCASE MYSTERY began.  There is a a suitcase full of gold that has been stolen.  Along with the gold there is a deadly secret.  Years go by and murders start happening.  There just doesn't seem to be any answers as to why these murders happened.  While this is going on the FBI is on the hunt for a top foreign spy who kills people. This takes place near Riga, during the final days of WWII.
Young Ben Kalninsh investigates an old coal mine tunnel where there was supposedly stolen guns inside.   Surprising to him, he met a Soviet Army officer who is AWOL and on the run. The officer was on the run because he had stolen a large amount of gold and it was taken to the tunnel to hid.
He doesn't know it but one of the valises there is a diary that holds a top Soviet secret that has to do with espionage in the U.S..  Ben entering the tunnel sets some deadly events in motion.  This will affect Ben for the rest of his life. Years go by.  Ben's father is murdered. But why? No one seems to know. This happened after the family moved to Minnesota.   Ben finds out about his murdered father from the FBI.   Not only had Ben's father been murdered but a doctor friend had been tortured and murdered. The FBI manager has a gut feeling that there is more to this than the stolen gold. so many projects and so many years gone by, it was like looking for a "needle in a haystack". In order to solve all of this, Ben decides to go back to Switzerland where the gold is. Death is hanging on to Ben's shirt tail and haunts Ben and all the participant's in the gold heist.

Pick up a copy of NEMISIS after you've read THE SUITCASE MYSTERY Book One and go on a wild ride with Ben. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves, mysteries, murder, intrigue and all that goes with it, this is the book for you.  You get the cake and the frosting too.

I would give this book 4 STARS,

I was given a complimentary e-copy of this book NEMISIS
from the author, Steven Nedelton
(pen name: Ned Stevens)
for my honest opinion.


Steven Nedelton writes novels with mystery, suspense, crime, paranormal and noir. His present titles are: "Crossroads," "The Raven Affair," "Fear!," "Tunnel/The Lost Diary" and "Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman." Part II for 'Tunnel' is in preparation. He was formally published twice. Three of his novels were evaluated by the Midwest Book Review, The US Review of Books and Apex Reviews, and were rated 'Five Stars.' "Fear!" received a special recognition from the MBR magazine.

The author lived in London and Paris for three years. His familiarity with French customs and people are reflected in the "Crossroads" thriller (originally "Secrets of the house on Liberty Street," published in 2008).
He holds a MSME from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (NYU-Poly). He is a Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. He used to be licensed in PA and NJ.

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