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October 16, 2013



Dee Rose

Published June 26th 2013 by Outskirts Press
Cloning Around
"I'll become a god, but you won't be around to witness it." — Dr. Richard VanHellman

(from Goodreads)
Special Agent Robert Bassett is an action junkie. He constantly tries to live up to the name of his legendary father, Reed Bassett, who was also an FBI agent. However, it is Reed’s last case that finds Robert trapped in a violent mission of blood, terror, revenge and clones. A scientist, Dr. Richard VanHellman, has finally uncovered the way to create clones. He intends to rule the world by murdering, and then cloning it’s most powerful people. Dr. VanHellman has the unique gift of reading people’s minds, of which he also uses to control his clones. Once Robert realizes the buried link between himself and Dr. VanHellman, the mission becomes personal. Robert then finds himself, not only fighting for his life and the lives of others, but also fighting for the Bassett’s family honor. With subplots galore, ranging from missing journal pages containing the cloning process and the way to stop VanHellman; Robert’s mistrust of his own department in the FBI; and flashbacks of Robert’s connection to VanHellman; It all leads to a highly anticipated showdown in the place where it all started over twenty years ago.

An FBI agent, Robert Bassett is going to work on an extraordinary case about a Dr. VanHellman.  Dr. VanHellman is a scientist and involved in cloning people. There is a dark side to everyone but VanHellman is pure evil.  He is cloning with his final objective is to rule the world. He is not only evil but insane.  He hasn't a stopping place.  He has no morals at all.
 He murders to achieve his plan. The author wrote each character to have a place in this story.  They will scare you at times.  The author leads you to believe that maybe the FBI agent, Bassett is a part of this cloning scheme. Is he?  The book will put you on the edge of your seat while you are turning the pages as fast as you can. This story makes you wonder if this could actually happen, maybe even now.  What do you think? Pick up a copy and see what you think about CLONING?

I gave this book 5 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of CLONING AROUND from the author, Dee Rose for my honest review.

 Dee Rose was born on July 5th and resides in Aurora, CO. He is the father of two daughters. "They are my life." He says. He attended Metro State University of Denver, where he majored in Political Science. Forbidden Love is the first of several novels he hopes to publish in the romance genre. He has written novels in other genres, but thrillers and romance are his passion. "Defying Gravity" is his favorite song because no one believed he could pen a romance novel. "Hell, I'm still a little shocked that I did it." He said. But the novel and it's content are dedicated to his sister, who passed away from a long battle with cancer. "She gave me the motivaton and strength to write and finish what I believe is my best work to date."

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Dee Rose said...

Thank you for the kind review Gayle. I was hoping you enjoyed the book out of everyone it was sent to. I was nervous. Thanks so much!